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Is It Time?

You may have been under serious financial strain for a while now and you are thinking about starting debt review but you worry it is a mistake.

How do you know if it’s the right time?

The Best Time Is Now

Many of us fall into the trap of mixing up blind hope with positive thinking.

We may reason that things are going to get better soon. Things are going to turn around. We just have to wait until…that raise or circumstances improve.

But if you think back over the last few years (including the pandemic) do you feel that your finances have gotten better over time or are they starting to spiral out of control.

If you had funds and wanted to learn to be a…. pilot or a doctor, when would be the best time to start studying? Would it be next year…the year after that, in 5 years time or today?

We can all understand that the sooner you start something, the sooner you will be done.

That’s why there is no time like today to start dealing with your debt. Not next week, not next year. Do it now and take back control.

Out Of Control Finances

When we are deep in debt we can fall into some pretty bad patterns.

We start to avoid thinking about our finances because it is scary. And as the next disaster or set back comes along it just makes things worse.

If you have stopped being able to save anything towards unplanned expenses then your budget is out of control.

If you have cancelled insurance, you know you probably should have then your budget is out of control.

If you have kids and all the back to school stuff (which you knew was coming) broke you this year then your finances are out of control.

If you have started to think that taking out a new loan or getting an increase in your credit limits is the solution to your problems then your finances are out of control. You know more debt is not a real solution.

Constant Collections Calls

When you have started to miss payments then the collections calls start.

The banks and credit providers want their money back and they will pester you until you pay it. 

You begin to get scared of unknown numbers or numbers that you think are from call centres trying to collect on your debt.

Your creditors start sending scary sms and they are simply getting tired of you making promises that you already know you probably won’t be able to keep.

Your phone is no longer a fun gadget it becomes a source of stress.

Scary Letters

Eventually, if the calls, emails and sms don’t get the response your credit providers want (money) they will decide enough is enough.

This is when they will send you scary letters that are the final straw, the final chance to sort things out before they head to court.

The letters will demand you sort things out and mention the National Credit Act Section 129 (or 130). They will offer you the chance to sort things out or go talk to a Debt Counsellor.

This really is your final chance to get help before they start legal action.

These days credit providers have to start legal action or they can lose the ability or right to collect on the money. This is because of something called ‘prescription’. They need to collect or lose out. So, they send you a final warning that they are letting the lawyers loose on you and taking you to court to get a judgement if you don’t pay or go into debt review.

The Longer You Wait

If you are getting non stop collections calls, scary emails and sms or worse, scary letters mentioning NCA Section 129 and Debt Counselling then now is the time.

Don’t wait any longer.

But perhaps you have not got those letters yet. Does that mean that things are still fine and maybe, just maybe your finances will turn around?

Take a look at your finances 2 years ago.

How much debt did you have?

Look at your finances a year ago?

How much debt did you have?

If you carry on as things are now…how much debt will you have next year?

If you debt has been growing year after year then now is the time to act. You see the pattern.

The longer you wait, then by next year your debt will have grown again and things will be even harder to sort out. You will be deeper in the hole and when the next unplanned disaster comes along you will not be able to cope and you will potentially lose everything you have worked so hard to get.

Now Is The Time To Get Advice

If you are unsure about what to do, then why not go talk to your local Debt Counsellor and ask them to look at your income, budget and debt?

The stress you feel is mostly because you don’t have enough information to make the best choice. And without the information you might make the wrong decisions about your finances. So, get the information.

‘The stress you feel is mostly because you don’t have enough information to make the best choice’

As a trained professional, who knows finances and the banking system, a Debt Counsellor will have insights into all the different options that you have. The truth is that with all their training and experience they simply know things that you do not. So, ask them. It doesn’t even cost you anything to ask for advice.

If debt review is the right option for you then they will tell you. If it is not the right option, they will explain what other steps you can take instead.


Take back control of your financial situation today!

If you put off doing something about your situation, time will go by, your debt will continue to grow and things may be much worse than they are right now. There’s no time like the present.