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FRB Debt Review Escalation List

FNB Debt Review wants to help Debt Counsellors with debt review matters on behalf of their clients. They support the debt review process and have an entire team who handle just debt review matters.

To help Debt Counsellors to reach the right person and deal with matters where there may be hiccups or delays FNB have what is called an escalation process. This allows Debt Counsellors who are busy dealing with FNB on behalf of a client to make a senior staff member aware that there may be a delay or problem with a particular matter. This might be because a Certificate of Balance has not been sent or perhaps because of a strange counterproposal to a DCRS matter, or something similar.

FNB recently said that they are aware that there have been some backlogs and they are making plans to resolve the issues by mid May. [READ THAT HERE] Debt Counsellors have been talking about this for some time now at industry events and on industry forums so, they were happy to hear that FNB were aware of the issue and taking steps to address them.



You can Download a copy of the latest list here or you can check the Service Directory Section of the Magazine each month where major credit providers provide us with their latest correct info.

FRB Debt Review Centre Escalation List (May 2019)





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