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Debt Review Withdrawal Guideline From The NCR

Many consumers (for a variety of reasons) ask questions about when and how to leave the debt review process. In particular how to leave the process before all debts are paid off. 

If you would like answers you welcome to download this helpful (free) booklet HERE (1mb in size).

Updated NCR Guideline

The NCR like to help Debt Counsellors, consumers and credit providers get on the same page about different parts of the debt review process that may be a little unclear. They often do this via a non-binding guideline.

Recently, they have issued an updated guideline on the topic of withdrawing from debt review. While the content is very similar to their last guideline, the latest one is perhaps slightly more clearly set out and written. It also references recent court cases that impact on leaving debt review.

You can download the NCR Circular/Guideline HERE



NCR 2021 Debt-Review-Withdrawal-Guidelines-01-of-2021