NCR Conference: Highlights (Part 2)

NCR Conference 2017

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) held their 2017 conference in Cape Town during December. The conference was attended by members of the industry including lots of local Debt Counsellors and credit providers.

After the NCR had started off the day with soem speeches and had presented it was the turn of well known Credit Provider representative Mr Rob Easton-Berry of award-winning Consumer Friend. Consumer Friend offers debt review support services to many credit providers (like woolies).


Hard Economic Times To Come?

Rob presented a look back over the last 10 years (with some additional info from the previous decade) and gave interesting insights into the NCR’s 2009 Task team on debt review. He spoke about how sucessful the process has been. He also ended his presentation with a prediction that the world economy (and thus local economy) is set to hit another rough patch ahead and that he predicts that the need for debt review will spike in the next 3 years.

Download the Presentation


NCR Presentation Rob Eastern Berry


We will have more info on the NCR conference  over the next few days (here on the website) and in this month’s Debtfree Magazine

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