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Difficult Debt Counsellors

The National Credit Regulator recently found that a Western Cape Debt Counsellor was stalling them when they planned to visit. As a result, they took the cops along to ensure they got access.

NCR Monitoring Visits

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) is tasked not only with registering Debt Counsellors but also in checking up on them to ensure they are doing what is required of them. 

When they check up on a Debt Counsellor it is known as monitoring or if they come in person a “Monitoring Visit”.

This system helps maintain the high standard of service delivery and that registrants are sticking to the mandatory requirements of the National Credit Act and the Debt Counsellors T&Cs as signed with the NCR.

This helps give consumers greater confidence that Debt Counsellors country wide are doing their best to balance their needs with the legal rights of credit providers.

Dodging Their Calls

One Debt Counselling practice in the Western Cape was set to receive visits by the NCR in the wake of some consumer complaints.

The NCR made various attempts to meet with and visit the Debt Counsellor but found that the Debt Counsellor was dodging them.

Things escalated when non cooperation became first, resistance to a visit and ultimately even threats against NCR staff.

‘non cooperation became first, resistance to a visit and ultimately even threats against NCR staff’

As a result, the NCR turned to the SAPS for assistance in ensuring they were granted access as required by the National Credit Act and Debt Counsellors Terms & Conditions of registration.  This seemed to resolve the issue of getting access.

Nothing To Hide

Although all Debt Counsellors acknowledge that such visits can be challenging, stressful and take a lot of time, there is no need to hide from the Regulator. Their coming to check up is just a normal part of operating as a Debt Counsellor.

Many other local Debt Counsellors have expressed their delight that a practice that is receiving lots of complaints is getting a visit.  Complaints by consumers is not good for the industry which is beset by image and reputation issues.  So, there were quite a few smiles among the local Debt Counselling fraternity. 

At the same time, all Debt Counsellors know  that they can improve their services and always strive to do so. Some practices even bring in outside specialists to help them with their internal auditing to identify any possible issues. 

Still, such NCR visits can help identify any trouble areas and help get them seen to very swiftly.