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NCR Explain Debt Counselling

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NCR Information About Debt Counselling

Curious how the NCR explain debt counselling to consumers? Many consumers are interested in the process but are unsure how it works.

Below, you will find a helpful info sheet setting out information the NCR share with consumers about the debt review process. They answer questions like: What is Debt Counselling? What is over-indebtedness? Who can apply? Who does debt review and are there fees? They also talk about consumer rights and responsibilities.

2 comments on “NCR Explain Debt Counselling

  1. Is it possible for me to cancel my debt review and negotiate with my creditors ?It is not easy for me to apply for a bond house because of the debt review that appears on my bank statement. Pls help,as I cannot get credit anywhere since m under debt review, I feel so trapped.

    • You should talk to your debt counsellor about this as you will only be able to go back to regular credit rates and payments if you have suddenly started earning a bunch more money every month (and if you have you should just pay off your smaller debts with that money).

      If you have not then you will not be able to get a bond anyway.

      Chat to your debt counsellor and please do not stop paying your debt review payments or you could quickly find the credit providers start suing you for a lot of money all at once. Careful.

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