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NCR Webinar on Monitoring

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has thousands of credit providers, credit bureaus, alternative dispute resolution agents, Payment Distribution Agents and Debt Counsellors registered with them. They are tasked with checking that all these various parties are doing the work they are supposed to according to the law and regulations.

To do so, they send out people to visit these firms at their offices in person and also send a type of electronic checklist to registrants to ask about a sample of their clients. The NCR try to do this regularly to gauge if any problems are creeping into how registrants do business. If they find any problem areas they give the registrant a short time to sort out any issues and improve. This helps protect consumers.

Online Webinar For Debt Counsellors

Ongoing training and skills development is important in every industry. Understanding the intentions and methods of the National Credit Regulator is also very helpful to those professionals being monitored from time to time. In an effort to reach as many NCR registered Debt Counsellors at one time the NCR are hosting a Webinar on the topic. At 2 pm on Thursday 5th December 2019, the NCR will be hosting a webinar on Zoom for Debt Counsellors, in particular, about the monitoring that they undergo. The webinar is for NCR registered Debt Counsellors. If they would like to receive the link they can email: