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Debt Counsellors To Submit Reports

Each quarter of the year (every 3 months) Debt Counsellors are required to submit stats relating to the number of enquiries they have received and the clients they have taken on. This is part of their conditions of registration. The information is used by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to keep track of what is happening in the debt review industry (and in their reporting).

These requirements for Debt Counsellors are set out in the National Credit Act Regulations, in Part B:

Part B − Debt counsellor compliance reports

69. Annual compliance report and statistical return by debt counsellor

(1) A compliance report submitted by a registered debt counsellor must be submitted in
Form 41 to the National Credit Regulator by the 15th of February each year for the
period 1 January to 31 December.

(2) All registered debt counsellors must complete and submit the statistical return in Form
42 to the National Credit Regulator in respect of the quarters and by the due dates set
out in the table below:
Quarters Reporting period Due Date for Statutory Reporting
Quarter 1            1 January – 31 March                         15 May
Quarter 2           1 April – 30 June                                 15 August
Quarter 3           1 July – 30 September                        15 November
Quarter 4           1 October – 31 December                   15 February

The next reports are due before May 15th but can in fact be submitted already now that March has finished.


Sending The Report

The completed Form 42 (the report) must be sent to For further information or clarification, Debt Counsellors can contact Mosa Mokoena at 011 554 2656 or via email: