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Our Editor’s Note

Getting positive feedback is always refreshing. We love it when readers write in and say how much they enjoy reading this magazine. Sometimes we gather the whole team and share such positive thoughts with everyone. It can be a real morale boost when someone acknowledges your hard work.

After many months of organization of the Annual Debt Review Awards, we were delighted to see the entire event come together during July. From the workshops to the Gala evening, we had a lot of fun and we are pleased to share some of the action in this month’s issue of the magazine. It is our industry’s version of the Oscars and everyone who was able to attend had a good time. The guests looked very glamorous and all the top-rated firms and individuals from the industry peer review were announced. Congratulations to all those who were recognized this year!

It is always nice to see hard work and effort being recognized within our industry. A little bit of positive feedback goes a long way to motivate us to continue our hard work. However, what do we do when all we receive are complaints? In this months’ issue, we look into this subject and discuss if your business is set up to deal with the complaints you are bound to get at some point. Falling short in this regard has cost many companies large portions of their client base.

We also catch up on recent industry news and court cases that are going to impact on you. We talk to two Debt Counsellors whose passion for consumers moved them to start a debt counselling practice and are now having a great time helping those who desperately need assistance.

We even get a tiny bit technical and look at one of those weird Latin expressions that credit providers like to include in contracts that you may be confused about, the good news is that it is simpler than you thought. We also feature some tips and advice to help make your financial journey through debt review a little easier.

We hope you enjoy the issue and would like to once again say well done to all those top-rated companies and individuals recognized in this year’s Debt Review Awards. We also want to give a little feedback to our readers, and say well done to each and every consumer who is progressing through the debt review process and making regular debt repayments. We can only compliment you on working hard to help your family to become debt free.


This article is featured in the July 2019 issue of Debtfree Magazine.