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Editors Note

It is around March when you realize that time flies. Once again the year has slipped from the fresh excitement (and financial strain) of January, through the disappearing month of February into hardcore 2019. You just blink, and a quarter of the year has disappeared.

February and March are traditionally big months for debt review, as consumers who have been pulling their hair out trying to make ends meet, finally get up the courage to enter debt review. This means that these are some of the busiest months for debt counselling firms. Soon April hits with its customary drop off of clients who either panic due to having entered debt review and worrying that their credit providers are complaining about getting money or those who simply throw away their progress for a few days holiday (watch out for that). Thousands of clients, however, will power through and continue their journey to financial freedom.

‘one reason why many people find themselves in financial difficulty; lending money on behalf of family and friends’

In this issue, we look at one reason why many people find themselves in financial difficulty; lending money on behalf of family and friends. Many people have found themselves requiring debt review because of loans made to others. Even those already in debt review get asked to help out financially even though they themselves are already battling.  We take a look at why it is hard to say no to those close to you and how you can learn to do so.

We have lots of tips, news, reviews of recent legal cases and advice in this issue too. Be sure to check out the announcements pages and service directory if you need some help with anything to do with debt review. We also look at the recent uptick in load shedding, and what we can draw from that as well as get some good advice in our Debt Review School pages.

Three months can disappear in a flash. Don’t let the weeks ahead slip by in a blur, be sure to make the most of the days ahead. Enjoy the public holidays and time spent with your family and friends, soak it up, let it refresh you.  Enjoy the last days of summer and look forward to the rain ahead that will hopefully full up the dams. Try to enjoy the load shedding as it gives you the opportunity to actually talk to the people around you. Take a moment to smell the roses on your journey to becoming debt free.


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