Petrol Price Drop

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Petrol Price Drop In July

We seldom see the petrol price come down and are much more used to the price continuing its skywards rocket. So, it is great news that the price of petrol will drop during the first week in July by almost a whole Rand.

Petrol (95) is coming down by 95 Cents

Petrol (93) is coming down by 96 Cents

Paraffin will come down by 57 Cents

LP Gas will come down by R1.33/kg

Internationally, oil prices are coming down and despite the volatility of the Rand,  on average, the local currency did slightly better than the month before.

Economists warn however that tensions between the USA and Iran could push oil prices up and so the reduction will probably only be for a short while but local drivers will enjoy the benefits in the meantime.

Almost time to full up.

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