Petrol Pump

Petrol Price Hike July 2016

Petrol Going Up Again

Sadly petrol will be increasing in cost again this month, hitting consumers right in the pocket.

The price of Petrol will be going up by another 8 – 11 cents this month.

93 Unleaded petrol will go up by 11 Cents/ litre and 95 leaded petrol will go up by 8 Cents/ litre.

Recent Increases:

petrol-pumpJune: 52 Cents

May: 12 Cents

April: 88 Cents

Adding these figures together you are looking at around R1.60 increase/ litre in just 4 months. Supply disruptions are being blamed for the increases as world wide petrol suppliers in Canada, Venezuela, Libya, Nigeria and Iraq have all had problems and production is down. This means we have to pay more for the stock that is available.



Driving a Diesel?

Dfull tank petrolon’t be too happy if you are diesel driver as you too will be paying more. A lot more. 42 Cents more to be exact.


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