Petrol Price increase April 2012 – Ouch

During February, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that the fuel levy  would increase by 20 cents and the road accident fund levy would increase by 8 cents a litre.

Well, I hope you were ready for it because these increases have now been included in April’s petrol price hike.


The petrol price hike of 71c per litre (for 95) inland and 66c a litre in coastal areas will be the biggest jump since July 08.

Diesel will now increase by 47.6 cents at the coast and 51.9 cents inland.

Paraffin too is increasing by 20.6 at the coast and 26.6 cents  inland.


So get ready as of Wednesday, petrol will be R11.94  per litre inland and R11.59 at the coast.


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