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Pretoria Magistrates Court Reopens

After a clerk of the court tested positive for Covid-19, the Pretoria Magistrates Court was temporarily shut for a few days this week.

The Court reopens today (Friday 12th).

Debt review court cases, where proposals are turned into court orders, are heard at the Magistrates Court closest to where a consumer works or lives.

This has hardly been a unique experience for workplaces across the country with many Covid-19 positive staff returning to work. It is also something that we are going to have to get used to in the foreseeable future.

This, of course, has the knock-on effect of pushing out hearing dates or making it hard to submit documents etc within required timelines. These dates may later come into consideration when disputes arise or delays result in the normal process.

A similar effect might be felt when a consumer is unable to have an affidavit done at their local police station due to a similar closure. It is something that the debt review industry as a whole is simply going to have to get used to and learn to account for.