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Small Ways to Save Big: Shopping With a List

It is amazing how you can always find things you never knew you wanted when you go shopping. You head out for a pack of chicken and come home with two packets costing hundreds of Rands and totally blowing your budget. It is almost like the shops want you to buy things you don’t really need or something…

One of the best ways to save when shopping is to make use of a shopping list. If you have a list then you are far less likely to just start grabbing items left, right and centre off the shelves that you have not budgeted for.

If you just grab extra unplanned items to the tune of R10 a week or R40 a month that will add up to almost R500 a year. If your eyes are a bit bigger you might be picking up an extra R400 worth of items each month, setting you back by almost R5000 in a year. That’s a sure way to lose big by spending small…

Some parents find that they are pressured by their kids into buying unplanned items at the shops. How can you work around that?

A simple solution is to get your kids involved in the meal planning and list-making side of a shopping trip. Then you can get them to help you find the items on the list when at the store. This will cut down on their boredom and keep them focused on grabbing only the items needed.

Stick to the List

Keep the family involved and make good use of a list to stay on budget and you will be able to save big over time.




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