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Court Declares SAFPS to be a Credit Bureau

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The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) keep information relating to fraud as submitted by their members. This helps other members not fall foul to the same scam or fraudulent behaviour.The information they store can include things like lying on a CV, forged qualifications, making fake salary slips or bank statements, insurance fraud or identity theft.  The SAFPS also lists those who have been victims of identity theft or fraud.

Are they a Credit Bureau?

The NCR Think So

The NCR feel that by retaining such information the SAFPS are in fact acting as a credit bureau. The SAFPS disagreed. Being a Credit Bureau makes things slightly more complicated and means they have to do a few extra things and update the NCR on all their records etc. Since they could not agree the matter went to court.

SAFPS has now been told by a High Court ruling that they have to register with the NCR as an official credit bureau. 

Currently there are about 75 000 people listed on the SAFPS

MORE: visit the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service website here