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Debt Counsellor’s Advice For Parents

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Debt Counsellor Interview – Advice for Parents

ofm-logo_20160419_153001_128Listen to OFM as they discuss the costs of getting children back to school. Debt Counsellor Zune’ Coetzee (of the Alliance of Professional Debt Counsellors) offers parents some advice on how to save on some of the normal January back to school costs.

(push the play triangle |> above to listen to the short interview)

Debt Counsellors can help their local communities, raise awareness for debt review and help build up the debt counselling industry’s reputation by appearing in local media offering practical savings tips.



Debtfree DIGI April 2014 Now Out

Reading Time: 1 minute Debtfree DIGI April 2014 Is Out Now This months issue of Debtfree features an article on the so called “credit amnesty”. We have another look (see the April 2014 issue) at what the credit information amnesty actually is and how it … read more