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Capitec Workshop With Western Cape Debt Counsellors

Capitec Engage With Debt Counsellors

It is vital that credit providers and Debt Counsellors have a clear understanding of debt review processes and engage about challenges in the industry.

The Capitec Conference held in Stellenbosch this week enabled the bank to meet with local Debt Counsellors and present on various industry topics.

A hot topic of the day was client retention. Many consumers begin the process but fail to follow through and actually finish the process. Those who leave the process due to non payment or disillusionment face serious consequences and this also creates a lot of extra work for both the banks and the Debt Counsellors.

Cooperation between credit providers and Debt Counsellors was highlighted by the Silent Conductor who had the guests trying to coordinate together to produce tunes by working in concert.

Capitec were also able to update Debt Counsellors on some of their main concerns and the audience was able to give input and ask questions.

It was a great opportunity for many who only communicate via email to actually meet and speak face to face and network in person. Capitec always invite local Debt Counsellors to come and visit them at their Bellville based operations centre in Cape Town and are happy to engage regularly.