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Have Your Contact Details Changed?

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New Contact Info?

If you have begun your 2019 at a new firm (with new work email address) or a new physical address (due to a move) or perhaps switched from one mobile network to another then you should remember to update your Debt Counsellor about these new contact details.

Otherwise, they may be desperately trying to reach you in a hurry and sending sms and making calls to an old number or sending emails to an old email address that you never check.

PDA Statements

If you suddenly stop getting monthly statements about your debt review payments via your PDA then ask yourself: have you recently changed any of your contact info and forgotten to tell them? This is one of the most common outcomes when consumers contact their Debt Counsellor (not their PDA directly for some reason) and complain that they don’t know what is happening with their payments because they aren’t getting their statements anymore.

Getting updates on your payments is both satisfying and beneficial as you can anticipate how many more payments (roughly) you will still be making. You can also compare this with your Debt Review Repayment plan as per your court order.

‘PDA statement and the Credit Provider statements will not be exactly the same’

Remember however that the PDA statement and the Credit Provider statements will not be exactly the same for a variety of reasons but should be similar. If you see a huge difference then the credit provider probably is doing something wrong and you can then talk to your Debt Counsellor and ask for their help in getting that sorted out.

Debtfree Magazine Subscribers

If you subscribe to Debtfree Magazine (its free to do so) and normally get an email each month letting you know the new issue is out but have changed your email address, then we may be sending emails to your old address. Please feel free to update us so you get that quick email reminder each month