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Debt Counselling Charity Helps Kids Go Back To School

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Debt Counselling Charity Helps Debt Review Families With Back To School Items

Many consumers who are under debt review loyally pay their debts month after month in a concerted effort to settle up their debts in a responsible way. These consumers are to be applauded. Sadly however due to the rising cost of living and other unexpected events, it is possible for some families to come under so much strain that they cannot cover their needed costs and still pay their debt review repayment.

When that happens these vulnerable families can fall out of debt review and stand to lose a lot. This is where the Debt Counselling Community Support program comes in. This charity like operation is helping identify and assist those vulnerable debt review families and help bridge the gap when they need it the most. This can enable those families to carry on receiving the amazing benefits of debt review.

DCCS kids with hampers Jan 2018Over the last few years, DCCS has worked with industry role players who sponsor the program to supply back to school hampers to the right families. This January DCCS report that they were able to help out 64 different children with the needed back to school supplies.

They say that parents are horrified these days with how expensive it can be to get their kids ready for school. School uniforms and shoes are not cheap (and with growing children pose a serious challenge). Stationery is also expensive and so are school bags and school books. With help from generous sponsors at the banks, PDAs and Debt Counselling firms the charity has been busy contacting and visiting these vulnerable families and making sure they have what they need.


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