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Did You Miss The NCR Webinars?

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Catch Up On Missed NCR Webinars

Over the few months of this year, the NCR has been holding webinars about various topics regarding debt counselling and debt review. Up to 100 Debt Counsellors have been able to attend these webinars at a time. Due to scheduling conflicts or loadshedding, you may have missed the chance to enjoy these webinars. Don’t feel left out!

If you missed one or more of the webinars you can now catch up on the action by downloading them directly from the NCR’s website. This nice feature has been driven to a large degree by Mr Timmy Van der Grijp the legal advisor to the Debt Counselling department and is a great way to quickly catch up.


At present, you can find webinars on recent topics like: The Task Team agreement, the DHS system and soon How to Handle Joint Bonds (which was held this month).

The material is aimed at Debt Counsellors primarily and if you are a member of the public or even a credit provider you may not find it as beneficial. If you are however in the industry it is a good idea to know what the NCR is thinking about these various topics.


Curious? Watch the NCR Task Team webinar below