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The Latest Debtfree Magazine Cover

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Debtfree Cover

The industry is holding its breath to find out the results of the upcoming Debt Review Awards next month (20th). Who will win, who will make the top 5 and top 10 lists, which PDAs will be recogninsed and which individuals will receive the coveted ONE Significant Contribution Awards?

But how does it all work? What goes on behind the scenes and how do the winners get chosen? This month’s cover shows that this is one of the big topics in Debtfree Magazine as well get a behind the scenes look at how it all works. We also have news, reviews and advice and all that other great stuff, as usual.

Remember subscribers get to read the magazine first and then it is released to everyone one to enjoy (this weekend).

[Debtfree Team] We hope you enjoy this issue.








Our Editor’s Note

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