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Petrol Price Relief

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Petrol Price Drop

It is always great to start a new year with some good news and this year the second drop in petrol prices in two months is really great news (even if we all know it won’t last).

As of today (the 2nd of Jan) the price of petrol will go down by around R1.22 / litre. Diesel users will also be happy to hear that its price will also be dropping by around R1.54/ litre.

Paraffin Prices

Matching this drop in petrol price is a drop in the price of illuminating paraffin which will go down by a massive R1.23.

Good News

This good news will help consumers as they travel in the new year and will help reduce the cost of shipping of foodstuffs etc. but consumers should not get distracted from the overall picture which is that 2019 is going to be a tough year.

Budget 2If you are already experiencing financial strain after the year end then why not approach a local Debt Counsellor and ask them to help you work out a budget for each month that will enable you to pay all your monthly debt obligations and still get by at home (and on the roads)?

Most Debt Counsellors will offer this service free of charge and it can really help you stay out of debt or reduce your existing debt this year. Speaking to an expert who deals with these matters all the time helps because they see things that you never even thought of and ways you can save that you never considered. These savings will probably quickly outweigh any temporary saving on petrol and travel each month and can turn your financial future around.