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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Change, Change, Change – the only Constant

Do you enjoy change? Most people don’t. It is one reason why when their income drops, most people keep on spending more than they actually can afford as if nothing changed. This leads to growing debt and serious stress if you are not careful.

Change is irritating. Change is stressful. Change is the enemy. But every now and then we can get excited about change; a new piece of clothing, a new home, a new political leader or even a new way to earn income.

February has been a month of change. Love it or hate it these changes have impacted on the economy and on the industry in a big way. The rand has reacted positively to the change of President, the change of budget (including the change to VAT). Another significant change, which hit the industry this month, was the new NCR guideline on what they feel should be charged for debt counselling. We take a look at some of these changes and consider how they will impact on you.

‘it is hoped that the overall effect is a positive one rather than negative one’

We also discuss some recent negative press about a Debt Counselling firm and how the show presented the NCR. Let’s just say it was a mixed bag and as an industry, it is hoped that the overall effect is a positive one rather than negative one which casts the entire process into disrepute.

The Debt Review Awards process is underway and we catch up on some of the latest info about that as well as local news about debt review and the economy. If you were unable to attend recent industry events we have some summaries for you so that you don’t miss out. We also get a bit technical and dive into a court case that has a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering: Now what?

‘Seriously, who likes change?’

All this change even made us change our plans for this issue. Seriously, who likes change? But if everything always stayed the same then life would be terribly boring. Cape Townians would love a change of weather. Many of us would love a change of boss or change of income. So, not all change is bad. And as the saying goes:The only constant is change’. We hope this month changes your situation for the better and brings you one step closer to a change in your finances. Perhaps even being debt free.


This article is taken from the recent issue of Debtfree Magazine.

You can read it online, at no charge, right here: Read The Mag Now