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Competition Winner: Online CPA Course

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And The Winner Is…

Over the last two issues (and in the coming issue) of Debtfree Magazine, we are running competitions with our partners: Corporate Rebels. Each month we are featuring one of their helpful online courses. We want to say a big Congratulations to the winner of the Corporate Rebels eLearning Competition featured in the recent Debtfree Magazine!

Wondering who it is that figured out the missing information from the competition question?

Thami Maluleke (From Capitec) is the winner of the online learning course worth R950.


Thami sent in this rather comprehensive answer to the competition question about what type of conduct is discussed in Section 40 of the Consumer Protection Act:

‘…[i] did some research and this is what I found on Unconscionable Conduct.
Section 40 of the CPA deals with unconscionable conduct and it falls under a consumer’s right to fair and honest dealings.
And the sections prescribes the following:
“40 (1) A supplier or an agent of the supplier must not use physical force against the consumer, coercion, undue influence, pressure, duress or harassment, unfair tactics or any other similar conduct, in connection with any –
a.    Marketing of any goods or services.
b.    Supply of goods or services to a consumer.
c.    Negotiation, conclusion, execution or enforcement of an agreement to supply any goods or services to a consumer ;
d.    Demand for, or collection of, payment for goods or services by a consumer; or
e.    Recovery of goods from a consumer.     

Well Done Thami!

We hope you enjoy doing the online eLearning course and learning more about the CPA then ever before. Corporate Rebels will be in touch and send you all the information you need to log in and begin the course straight away.

Debtfree want to give Corporate Rebels a big thank you for arranging the prize and selecting the winners and making this all possible.

Sad That You Didn’t Win This Time?

If you entered but were not a winner this month then be sure to check out the upcoming issue for another exciting competition and chance to win.

Also Want To Be Smart?

If you would also like to learn a lot more about the CPA and its application in your business then why not contact Corporate Rebels and ask about their convenient and easy to use online eLearning programs?

You can find out more about their online courses HERE