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You Can Hand In Your Reports Now If You Want

NCR Statistical Reports Due in November

Debt Counsellors have just under a month to prepare and send in their third-quarter statistical reports to the NCR.

The reports which cover the period of 1 July to 20th September are due by the 15th of November but can be sent in before this date.

The Form 42 reports contain information about consumers who have applied and been accepted for debt review. Also contained int he reports in information about the type of work they do and how much they repay each month. The information assists the NCR with its mandated responsibility to report on the industry and debt review usage by consumers.

The NCR receives similar reports from all registrants (Credit Providers, Credit Bureaus and Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents). The NCR also has an online system called NCRDEBTHELP which Debt Counsellors update almost daily with the very same information (the system does not autogenerate this report, however).