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NCR Credit Bureau Monitor (latest)

NCR Release Credit Bureau Monitor (Midyear 2018)

The NCR keep track of many statistics including what has been registered by credit bureaus. They have recently released the latest stats of credit bureau records and activity.

Recently, more consumers have been gaining access to credit (but not much in the way of car finance). Unsurprisingly, more consumers are also in financial trouble and are behind on payments.

‘Almost 40% of all credit users are several months behind on payments’

The credit bureaus hold records on 24.59 Million South Africans. The number of consumers who were up to date with their payments dropped. Around 19 million accounts are significantly in default or arrears. Almost 40% of all credit users are several months behind on payments.

Interestingly, around half of the credit reports which were given out during the period covered were done so for free. All consumers are able to get a free credit report once a year from each of the credit bureaus (It’s only fair. It is your info after all).


Also interesting was the fact that fewer people and credit providers accessed credit reports during this time period (14% less than the previous 3 months).


NCR Credit Bureau Monitor June 2018