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Avoiding Another Marikana

Anglo American Platinum Sues Administration Attorneys

Anglo American Platinum Ltd also known as Amplats is suing a firm of Administration Attorneys over wage deductions commonly called garnishee orders.

The Attorneys ( Johanna Pienaar and H. van der Merwe Inc and HVDM Administrators) work to collect funds for creditors such as Capitec and Edcon.

44% Collection Fees

Amplats have alleged that after looking over all the records relating to their employees EAOs or garnishee orders that in some cases these attorneys have charged 44% in fees. This is well in excess of the allowed 12.5%.

The mining sector learned the hard way that their workers are facing tough financial times and after salary deductions for bad debts many workers were going home with little or even no money back in 2012 in the Marikana area where strikes and rioting left 44 people dead.

Avoiding Another Marikana

minersAnglo American Platinum have said that this year they will be working hard to challenge thousands of such garnishee orders (EAOs). As the biggest platinum producer in SA this is a very big strike at the heart of the EAO concept.

Gold Fields LTD have also said they will be taking similar action.