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What we learn from Avbob Parking Lot Suicide

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Debt Stressed? Get Help!

Sadly, a stressed 38 year old farmer took his life in the parking lot of a local Avbob funeral service branch.

Police report that Mr Van Rooyen had been waiting for service at a local Avbob but when he was not seen to, left a note with contact info for his family, went outside to his bakkie and shot himself.

Shocked family members have apparently said that he did not appear depressed but that subsequently, financial problems have come to light that may have motivated the suicide. His family were unaware of the money problems as Mr Van Rooyen had kept them to himself.

The incident highlights a number of key points. The main one is that if you are under debt stress you should talk to someone about your problems. Family and friends will be supportive so they can be turned to. You trust them and they love you.

‘if you are under debt stress you should talk to someone about your problems’

If you feel that you cannot talk to a family member or someone who knows you well then you can always call 0800 567 567 (a crisis phone line) where counsellors will assist you with any negative thoughts you have and can be a sympathetic listening ear helping you deal with your challenge.

0800 567 567

Another proactive step you can take, which requires little effort, is to go and talk to a local Debt Counsellor (or you can find one online). Most will meet with you and talk to you about your debt situation and the various options you have for free. You will be able to open up to them about your situation, how you feel about it and ask for some guidance. They will help you to make a plan to deal with your debt.

Never feel that debt is your problem alone. After all, you already spent the money. Now the debt is the problem of the foolish people who gave you the money… Yes, you want to pay them back and they want the money but they will have to wait for you to do so. You are in control.