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Lack Of Balance Can Ruin Your Debt Review

Lack Of Balance Will Cost You

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Conversely, all play and no work is also a bad thing. True, when you owe people a lot of money and have to go into debt review to pay it off, it may make you hyper-aware of the need to make money. However experienced Debt Counsellors report that their clients who do not have a well-rounded routine of social as well as secular activities are more likely to fall out of debt review than those fixated on repaying their debts. The truth is that balance is necessary to make a success of your debt review.

If your only activity in life is work you will soon find yourself in low spirits (especially in this bad economic environment). It is important to focus on other social and personal aspects of life while under debt review or soon you will find you are concentrating only on making money to pay off your debt and this will consume your thinking.

It Takes Years

Debt review is not a sprint. It is a long distance race. Since debt review is a relatively slow process (most plans are based over 5 years at first) it is not healthy to try put your entire life ‘on hold’ for half a decade, while you pay back your debts. Rather you need to focus on things that don’t cost you money like relationships (with family and friends) and self-improvement even (you know…read a book and do some exercise..that sort of thing).

‘Debt review is not a sprint. It is a long distance race’

Try to find the balance between secular obligations, debt obligations and social and emotional pleasures. Make sure you do well at work but don’t make earning money your sole focus. Money is the thing that allows you to enjoy other things. It is not the goal itself, only a tool.

If you learn to strike the right balance, then you will be much more likely to be able to make it successfully through the entire debt review process.