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Debt Counsellors Receive SMS’ Not Certificates

NCR Issued Certificates On Their Way?

Debt Counsellors are reporting having received SMS notification of their applications for registration (actually their payment of their annual renewal fees) having been registered by the NCR. The SMS message (which seems to legitimately be from the NCR) says that certificates will follow in due course.

angry judgeDebt Counsellors often are asked by local courts to prove they are registered with the National Credit Regulator in order to prove they are allowed to bring a debt review application before the court. Many Debt Counsellors are concerned that they will not be able to do that this week if the NCR’s promise (to DCASA) of having their certificates with them in time (tomorrow) is not met. This could cause matters to be thrown out (which will prejudice consumers and could lead to litigation against the Debt Counsellorand possibly the consumer). Others are concerned that they will have to delay court matters which will increase the cost of the application to the consumer (since the attorneys have to go to court, delay matters ¬†– if they are successful¬†– and then go back to court another time.