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Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine May 2018 – Our Editor’s Note

There is a tree on the slopes of mountains in California that is said by scientists to be an amazing 4700 years old. It survives at a chilling altitude of over 3000m and has been in place from before the pyramids were built. The fact that this tree can and has survived for so long in such a harsh climate, clinging to the side of a mountain at about the height of 3 table mountains shows that a little grit and stubborn determination can go a long way.

By growing so high up in snowy and cold weather, this tree has avoided any forest fires entirely for millennia. Because very little other vegetation is around so high up, there is hardly any competition for nutrients in the nearby soil. So, what at first seems like a terrible place for a tree to grow turns out to be ideal for this tree which is now affectionately called by botanists “Methuselah”.

This month we discuss whether you have what it takes to make it through the debt review process. Though not physically demanding, the debt review process can be emotionally and mentally challenging. Many people drop out of the process part-way through.  Our main articles force you to take a look at yourself and ask if you are a quitter or not. Do you have what it takes?

‘Though not physically demanding, the debt review process can be emotionally and mentally challenging’

We also catch up on some of the latest news from around the country, and in particular, we have some exciting information on the Debt Review Awards this issue.  Each year the industry is invited to participate in a peer review of those on the opposite side of the industry and we find out some of the top candidates for Awards this month just before the Annual Awards Gala coming in June.

Members of the Debtfree team, with the help others in the industry, organize the Gala and we wish them all the best with the event.

Though debt review may not seem ideal, it is a highly effective means of getting out of debt and becoming rehabilitated so that you can reenter the credit market if you wish. The process can teach you new things about yourself you never realized or knew. It can teach you great habits, which you will use for years to come.


If a tree like Methuselah can make it in such a tricky environment for so long, in the face of harsh weather and changing climates then, surely we can push through a few months or years of tough times. People are the most adaptable creature on the planet, and we have a drive unlike any other animal or plant to succeed. If you have that determination, then you can turn your financial life around, one month at a time.  Hopefully, debt review is helping you to do just that. So enjoy this issue, keep up those repayments and we are sure that you will soon be debt free.


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