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NCR Monitoring of Debt Counsellors

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The NCR monitoring tool undergoing changes

Checklist good

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) visit Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors country wide each year to ensure that certain levels of professionalism are met by registered individuals and companies. The visits are called monitoring visits. When visiting Debt Counsellors, in particular, the NCR use a quick reference sheet or checklist of points to cover. This is called the NCR monitoring tool. It sets out broadly which items should be considered.



Not all were happy


Recently some Debt Counsellors complained about the way visits were conducted and actually refused to co operate with the process until it was reviewed.

See the articles:




NCR logoThe NCR have been calling for comments on a revised monitoring tool over the past few weeks. They have now announced that changes are being made and that an effort will be made once these changes are in place to conduct workshops with Debt Counsellors countrywide about the monitoring process. You can read their most recent circular on the topic here: NCR monitoring Circular 5 of 2014


Do your share. Have your say

If you would like to comment on the proposed monitoring tool or improvements you would like to see made you can download it here NCR DC MONITORING TOOL 2014 and send comments to Morris Malululeke at the NCR here: mmaluleke@ncr.org.za

Any such submissions must be made by Thursday 17 April.