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Debt Counsellor Helps Impoverished School

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Debt Counsellor Helps School Kid’s Computer Department

These days if you are not familiar with computer then you are not ready for the real world. School kids, in particular, need to learn about computers and the web.

This was almost impossible for one new no fee Western Cape school until a generous Debt Counsellor came to their rescue.

A former debt review centre agent who had begun teaching at a Cape Town school, MrThabo Mayosi, saw the plight of students who were unable to get the training they need due to a lack of computers and funding. He met with his former Debt Counsellor employer, Mr Sebastien Alexanderson of debt counselling firm National Debt Advisors and told him of the tough situation the kids faced. Seb is a well known and very active member of the debt counselling community. He is also the founder of the South African Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) organisation.

‘National Debt Advisors were generously able…to provide an amazing 20 computers to the school.’

Debt Counsellor Seb went back to the office and immediately began to gather funds and equipment to help out. In the end, National Debt Advisors were generously able, over 8 weeks, to provide an amazing 20 computers to the school. Mr Alexanderson and the school also organised for all important internet connectivity.

If you would like to get involved and invest in these kids then you may like to know that the school currently has a library without any book and a music centre without any instruments. All donations would be welcomed.