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Capitec Banking App & Zero Data Fees

Zero Data Fees When on Capitec Banking App

These days data is cheaper than ever but when you are counting your costs closely you may be concerned about running out of data. It is more than just FOMO, it is the serious risk of not being in contact when someone needs to send you an urgent Whatsapp or if you quickly need to send a crucial email from your device.

Concern over data can even hold people back from using convenient apps such as the various banking apps. Now Capitec Bank has added yet another mobile network to their group of free data partners namely Telkom.

This means that if you are on the Telkom mobile network you are able to log in and bank on the Capitec Banking App and not use any of your precious data.

At present, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C users are all able to access the banking app for no data charges either.

‘if you are on the Telkom mobile network you are able to log in and bank on the Capitec Banking App and not use any of your precious data’

This is just another example of a company making it easier than ever for users to access their product and services.

R8 For Immediate Payments

Capitec also have announced that clients are able to release payments immediately to people at other banks for a small charge of R8. Paying this fee means that the person on the other side can make use of the money instantly without having to wait a day or two for the money to reflect and clear. If clients are prepared to wait however they only pay R1 for such a payment to a beneficiary.

This means that if for some reason* you have not made your debt review payment and know that the funds need to be at the PDA asap then you can pay this special immediate payment fee and the funds will show at the PDA right away and they can distribute them the same day.




*if, for example, funds are not in your account when your debit order is set to go off and you are getting paid late this month. Or perhaps your salary is put into one account and your debt review payment goes off another account of your spouses at a different bank then you could use this feature. to make sure funds are available rather than the debit order failing.



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