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Changes At the NCR

Comings & Goings At The NCR

The National Credit Regulator has been in the press a lot recently due to all the attention thrust upon it by the Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry who want to see the NCR handle a process called Debt Intervention. It is a proposed type of Debt Review for lower income consumers without assets who do not qualify for normal debt review in some way (if they do qualify then they probably will have to be referred to a Debt Counsellor). Recently, there has been “talk” that, though the process has not been defined or approved by government, there may already have been an internal appointment within the NCR to head up the project.

After many years working at the National Credit Regulator, Mr. Peter Michaels decided to leave this month. Peter worked closely on many matters including the recent adjustments to the NCR’s guideline on what fees they think should be charged by Debt Counsellors for debt review services. The move came suddenly and was unexpected. Those who have been corresponding with MR Michaels in regard to many matters should consider reaching out to the NCR to see if their matters are now being attended to by other staff members.


Last year the NCR put a post out for application, for a consultant position in regard to Debt Review. This tied in with the decision of Ms Kedilatile Legodi, the then Debt Counselling Manager to leave to pursue an opportunity at ABSA. The NCR intended to fill the post by August last year or alternatively to leave the post vacant. No appointments followed until the recent somewhat surprising reappointment of Ms Legodi to her former post this month.

At present, the NCR is advertising for applications for the post of Assistant to the CFO and Finance Manager.