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How To Upload To DReX [Download]

Helpful Guide to Uploading on DReX

Using new technology can present you with faster and more convenient ways to overcome former obstacles. It can also be a pain…because you have never done it before.

Doing something for the first time or few times can be challenging simply because you are not familiar with the sequence of required steps. This can be intimidating or frustrating.


Think of driving a car. When you first learn to drive you always want to look down and check which gear you are about to put the car into but eventually you just know and remember and can do it without even thinking about it. it becomes second nature.



PoPI is Coming

The Stark family were right about winter and now a new threat faces your kingdom, namely the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) which is about to make it super complicated to exchange personal information about consumers and their account numbers and ID number and addresses etc without getting into trouble. As Debt Counsellors and credit providers (and attorneys), this information has to be sent back and forth and accurately so that the proper accounts get restructured. So, how do you get around this challenge?

‘how do you get around this challenge?’

Consumer Friend are making it easier with their secure DReX system which ticks all the PoPI Act boxes. Their exciting new portal allows for secure transferal of sensitive info without hundreds of different passwords and complications.

The trick then is to overcome that initial fear of the unknown and start to use the helpful system. 

Knowing what and how might be a bit tricky so, it is great that there is a helpful guide to the what and how.




DReX – Portal Document Upload

It Can Make your Life Easier

Both Debt Counsellors and credit providers can use the system to upload and download documents such as CoBs, Consents, Paid up letters or more. And this can all be done without having to email back and forth (with irritating secret passwords for each bank and Debt Counsellor etc). BEcause you log into the system with a password and it sits on a secure server the information can then be transferred without any PoPI problems onto your machine at the click of a button. DReX is now open not only to Consumer Friends client base but also other non client credit providers.






To Register head over to:



To log in to the DReX portal (once you have registered) you should head over to:


Happy Up and Downloading