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Want Free Copies Of Debtfree In Print?

Special Print Edition of Debtfree Magazine Coming

Debtfree magazine is an online free monthly industry magazine focused on debt counselling and debt review. It is provided online free of charge to help educate consumers and share industry news.

Every now and then we produce a Special Print Edition of the magazine which is designed to help educate consumers about dealing with debt and how debt review works (the basics).

As with all our projects, we try to produce and distribute the magazine to the public for free. This we accomplish with the help of sponsors and advertisers who help cover the costs (and the design and writing team who put in many hours of work for almost no recompense – Thanks team!!!). We want to thank these supporters and advertisers. The industry needs good news stories and positive image branding and the magazine helps to do that.

Spreading the Message That Debt Review Works

Debt Counsellors are able to ask for copies of the Special Print Edition of the magazine to help promote debt review and their personal services. Many Debt Counsellors drop copies of the magazine at local clinic and doctor’s waiting areas, at the courts or at the local commissioner of oaths. Others give copies to their existing clients to help remind them of how the process works and to give to a family member who they think might benefit. Still others, do letterbox drops in their area with their business card stapled to the cover.

Each issue, the various NCR registered Payment Distribution Agencies and some credit provider sponsors help distribute the magazine (as do the Debtfree team). Some Debt Counselling association and groups even arrange for us to give their members a supply of the magazines so they can help spread the positive message that Debt Review Can Help.

The Debtfree team are currently working with various sponsors and advertisers to produce a new issue (April 2018). The issue is entitled: Get out of Debt

Get Some For Free

If you are a Debt Counsellor and would like to receive copies of the magazine then please speak to your PDA about supplying you with some copies. They will be available countrywide

If you are a consumer and would like to receive a copy then please speak to your Debt Counsellor about getting a copy.

If you are a Credit Provider or service provider to the industry please feel free to contact the Debtfree team directly for help in getting copies.