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Debt Counsellors are concerned about the NCR issuing them annual certificates on time this year.

Each year the National Credit Regulator (NCR) issues annual certificates to registrants. There are thousands of registrants and the forms are needed to accomplish successful court applications. Delays can create extra cost and stress for consumers and Debt Counsellors alike.

Annual Registration Certificates

How do you know that you are dealing with a legitimate qualified, professional Debt Counsellor when you talk to someone about your debts?

You ask to see their registration certificate.

This certificate is issued to all Debt Counsellors by the NCR on an annual basis.

Before a Debt Counsellor can get a certificate they are required to pay for an attend NCR overseen training about the National Credit Act and to write an exam. If successful the potential Debt Counsellor can apply to the NCR to be vetted and then registered. Their name is added to the NCR’s official database. After paying fees they are able to receive a certificate saying they are now a Debt Counsellor.

Used at court

Not only is this cerificate useful to show potential clients that you are qualified to help them but it is also included in court documents for every consumers matter. This is to convince the magistrate that the person has been heled by a legitimate Debt Counsellor.

‘the courts require that the current certificate be in place when they hear the matter’

Since the NCR has decided to release new certificates (and to charge fees) annually, the courts require that the current certificate be in place when they hear the matter (regardless of when the actual debt counselling was done.


Past Delays

In the past, the NCR has had challenges sending out thousands of invoices (to a massive and constantly changing email database), allocating payments and issuing the many thousands of certificates within a very short time period.

What resulted was delays and extra costs and stress for consumers at court.

This Year Will Be Better

At a recent meeting with Debt Counsellors the NCR revealed that this year they will begin invoicing much earlier.

They will also prepare the certificates in advance to help avoid delays in issuing them.

As before, they will not deliver them but people who request can come get originals at their office in Midrand, Gauteng.

They will be issuing digital versions as speedily as possible. These can be placed in court documents to avoid delays.


Interestingly credit providers do not have the same courses & exams required. They simply register as a company. Anyone (even individuals) who offers money for a fee or charges interest on money loaned has to register with the NCR as a credit provider.