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Things To Do While Under Lockdown

While one important thing you must not do is go out and socialize, there are many fun and beneficial things you can do to help the time pass while under lockdown.

Thinks like:


Socialise more with friends and family via the internet or on the phone (facetime/Whatsapp).

Dance on your balcony or in the garden

Exercise (and remember not to overdo it on day one and two)

Get some quiet time for yourself (especially if you have a full house)

Complete an online study course

Play online games (there are many free ones)

Organise cocktail hour and invite your friends to join you online on Zoom or Skype or a similar program.

Finally get around to writing that novel you have been planning for years

Rearrange your furniture

Repairs and Maintenance

Do some work. Finally get to all those things and all that planning you have been meaning to do

Have fun with the kids. Host a picnic in the lounge. Organize a mini Olympics indoors, read bedtime stories and let your kids guide you as to what they want to do.

Be sure to also include a 15 – 30 min tidy up each day for your kids – this will help keep things neat and tidy

Bake something…then eat it (maybe while having a Zoom Tea Party)

Read a book

Suntan on the balcony (hmmm Vitamin D)

‘one important thing you must not do is go out and socialize’

At the moment there are tons of fun and silly ideas going around on social media that will give you ideas. While you should definitely plan some time for fun and games also try use the time in productive ways. By doing a little Monday morning scheduling you will find that your weeks will fly by while under lockdown.


This article first appeared int he March 2020 issue of Debtfree Magazine