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Technology Adoption Top 10 Debt Counselling Practices Announced

Each year the Debt Review Awards partners with Slipstream Software Solutions who produce software like DReX (the debt review exchange) to identify those debt counselling practices that are making good use of such systems.

The ratings take into account not only the Debt Counsellor themselves making use of the system but also consumers being given access to their documentation.

‘It is very important for consumers who are under debt review to keep tabs on their debt review’

It is very important for consumers who are under debt review to keep tabs on their debt review matter and keep their finger on the pulse as it progresses. This enables them to work closely with the Debt Counsellor to ensure their review is a success.

Debt Review Awards | Slipstream Technology Adoption Award

This year the Top 10 candidates have been identified and are:

In alphabetical order:


DC Payment Solutions 

Debt Care 


Debt Therapy 


Financial Freedom Solutions 


PayPlan Solutions 

Save Money Solutions 

Summit Financial Partners 


The Top 5 & Highest Rated

If you would like to know who the Top 5 and highest rated among these practices are then you can join the live stream on Friday the 30th of September (3pm – 4pm) for the results.

You can watch the live stream of the show via 



YouTube directly.

30th September 2022

The Pre Show begins at noon and runs till 2:30.

The Awards Show begins at 3 and ends at 4pm.

We hope that you will be able to tune in and enjoy the show and get all the results of the highest rated among the credit providers, Debt Counsellors and PDAs.