UK Debt Counsellors busiest week ever

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Most calls in 18 Years

One of the largest Debt Counselling organisations in the UK were expecting a lot of calls on Monday this week. They say that Monday 10th of February is statistically their busiest day of the year and that this week is normally a very busy week as consumers realise how deep they are in trouble after the holiday fun wears off and the realities of kids heading back to school etc set in.

This year they are reporting that Monday was their busiest day in 18 years of business. One branch team leader said: “We can safely say we have never seen it like this,” . The charity has repeatedly spoken out in the UK press that people are in such crisis that they cannot even afford to buy any food, and that many people have even attempted suicide instead of dealing with their debt.

 If you are undergoing debt related stress: Please remember that there are many options still available to you. Why not contact a Debt Counsellor for some good advice on dealing with your debt?



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