ummm how do i read it?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So, you are thinking to yourself ummm how do i read it?
Here are some helpful tips for reading Debtfree DIGI:

Click on the picture of the magazine to read the magazine in Full Screen mode.

Click anywhere on the small picture of the magazine

Give it a moment or two to load up…don’t be so impatient…oh hurry up already!!!
(the speed depends on your internet connection speed)

If you want to turn pages click on the edge of the page >

Click on the pg edge to turn pages

If you click on the page itself (not the edge) it will ZOOM IN AND MAKE EVERYTHING LARGER

It will now fill the entire screen and be easy to read

When you move your mouse around the page the image will move to that part of the page. It can be a bit tricky at first but you will soon get the hang of it.

If you want to close the magazine move your mouse up to the top of the page and click the “X”

Click the x at the top of the page