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Vodacom Debt Review Now Handled By Consumer Friend

Debt Counsellors and consumers who are dealing with debt review matters with Vodacom (PTY) LTD will be happy to learn that they have appointed, award winning, outsourced debt review service provider, Consumer Friend to handle their new debt review matters.

Starting in Feb 2021

Originally it was planned that Consumer Friend would be handling Vodacom matters as of the start of February 2021. Then, for a little while, it appeared that perhaps the deadline had been pushed up to the 25th of Jan. Eventually, however, it became clear that, as originally planned, Consumer Friend will officially be handling Vodacom matters as of 1 February 2021.

‘Consumer Friend will be handling Vodacom matters’

As with any change of service provider who may now be asked to handle legacy matters, it is reasonable to expect that from time to time there may be challenges along the way.

Consumer Friend says they may occasionally ask Debt Counsellors to help provide them with some documentation or information to help bridge any gaps from when matters were with a previous service provider or Vodacom themselves. It is, however, not anticipated to be a major inconvenience or challenge especially with new accounts from 1 Feb 2021 onwards.


Consumer Friend has (as of Jan 22nd 2021) released an updated mandate from Vodacom which shows that they will be handling matters from the 1st of Feb and you can download that below:

Mandate Letter Vodacom 1 Feb 2021

Getting Vodacom Info From Consumer Friend

Consumers will be able to make use of Consumer Friend’s popular DReX system to draw information relating to the account and their debt review as with other Consumer Friend clients. This helps provide consumers and Debt Counsellors with speedy access to needed information without long phone calls and using up all their airtime. Signing up for access is speedy and easy and data access is PoPI compliant.

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