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Wesbank Apologize To Debt Counsellors

We all know how tricky technology can be. From a misbehaving mobile phone to Windows updates making everything go weird. Well, Wesbank has recently been having a bit of a technical hitch on their system that they are trying to sort out but has taken longer than these things normally do.

The technical problem is seriously impacting on their usual turnaround times when it comes to communicating with Debt Counsellors. The information that usually moves back and forth quite swiftly is not running at its usual speed and Webank have acknowledged how challenging that can be.

If you are a Debt Counsellor please keep this in mind. Wesbank is not ignoring you and your emails they are trying to sort out the issue and hope to have it corrected before next week if possible.

If you are a consumer with a Wesbank account please keep in mind that your Debt Counsellor may currently be waiting longer than normal to get information about your account due to this issue.