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Checkers, Woolworths or Pick n Pay – Which Is Cheapest?

Recently, financial advisors, JustMoney sent their team to do some shopping at the 3 biggest grocery shops in their area, namely PnP, Woolies and Checkers. They went to buy the same 12 items from each shop to compare the pricing.

Who Do You Think Was the Cheapest?

In an effort to keep things fair the team tried to buy the same brands and size item at each store and focused only on everyday food items such as potatoes and bread. They also grabbed some toilet paper.

Here is what they spent at the 3 stores:

Checkers: R368.71

PnP:          R411.99

Woolies:   R442.34

At PnP, the JustMoney shopping team were able to save R16.00 due to using the Smart Shopper loyalty rewards card.

Shop Smart and Save Thousands Of Rand

As you can see, on just 12 common items, where you shop can make as much as a R73.63 difference.

If you do this once a week, for 4 weeks that’s around R300 in a month.

Do that for 12 months and we are looking at R3600 just from shopping around at 3 different shops.

And remember the Shopping Team in this exercise did not specifically focus on the best priced items at the 3 different shops they rather focused on the same items and same brands for consistency. By shopping for better priced items too or for specials, shoppers will be able to save even more.




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