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Don't Stop!

If you have a serious heart problem, your doctor may send you to hospital to have heart surgery.

During the surgery, the operating team will have to open your chest to work directly on your heart. This is scary and serious stuff!

But during the surgery, your heart problems may not be obvious.

Would it make sense for your family to stop the surgery half way through (while your chest is wide open), simply because the symptoms have temporarily stopped?

Would It Make Sense To Stop Half Way?

No, of course not, that would be short sighted and have catastrophic consequences.

The surgeon needs to finish the heart repair, and close you up using their expert skills to ensure you survive, and go on to enjoy a long life.

With debt review, once a Debt Counsellor has begun the process of opening up your finances, and begins repairs, it would be very, very foolish to think you can just stop at any point and walk away and everything will be ok.

‘it would be very, very foolish to think you can just stop at any point and walk away and everything will be ok’

In fact, it would be even more dangerous than ever before. This is the time to fix the problem, not back out half-way through.

Sadly, some people let others convince them that they can have good financial health if they leave debt review, before it is complete.

Why YOU Should Not Stop The Porcess

Some uninformed credit provider sales people do not understand that by interfering with the debt review process, they are placing the consumer at risk, and it will end up costing them thousands of Rand (and years of turmoil).

Others foolishly think that if they leave debt review with lots of debt remaining, they will somehow magically qualify for new credit (which they still can’t afford).

Some people in debt review forget that they will then have to go back to their original repayment obligations from years ago (which they are now very, very far behind on payment for). They do not realise that they might lose their home or car.

If you are frustrated with how long it is taking to pay off your debts (even though you know exactly how many months it will take), please speak to your Debt Counsellor rather than walking out of the financial “heart surgery” half way through.