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Cape Town Debt Counsellors Start A Soccer League

This month saw the first games in what is hoped to eventually be a country-wide 5-a-side soccer league among debt counselling practices.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and who wants to be dull? Certainly not the Debt Counsellors and staff at National Debt Advisors and Debtline in Cape Town. These two practices organised a little friendly 5-a-side football match at the rooftop soccer courts in Cape Town.

A large crowd of supporters from both practices (as well as some attorneys) came out to watch and cheer their colleagues on. The crowd were having such a good time that, on occasion, they almost forgot about the game for a moment or two and seemed to just be enjoying the friendly relaxed atmosphere and pleasant Cape Town sunset.

Some of the pics from the event:

Want To Join The Fun?

The organisers say it is early days but they have big dreams and would like to get more and more people from across the industry (including credit providers) to join in the fun to compete or just have a good time. There will be suitable matches for people of all fitness and skill levels so don’t be shy.

If you would be interested in joining the fun then you can email: