Mediation Training Competition Winner

Reading Time: < 1 minute Debtfree Magazine and ADR Network SA are happy to announce the winner of the 5 day training course, 1 day specialisation course and 1 year Panel membership in the recent Mediation Training Competition: read more

Read Debtfree Magazine (Issue 2 of 2021)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Read Debtfree Magazine Now You can enjoy the latest issue of Debtfree Magazine for free right here (below). This issue focuses on the expectations that some people have when entering debt review and the reality that actually exists. Have you … read more

Win Training Valued at R9950

Reading Time: 2 minutes Debtfree Magazine has partnered with mediation experts ADR Network SA to give one of our readers the amazing chance to win a deep understanding of mediation. read more

Mediation In South Africa

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mediation is an old concept. From the first time someone said: “let’s talk about it” people have been trying to resolve differences through one form of mediation or another. read more

Read Debtfree Magazine Issue #1 of 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute You can read this month’s issue right now. In this issue: The Debt Review Journey – how far along are you? When Credit Providers Try to Duck Out of Debt Review read more

Editor’s Note

Reading Time: 2 minutes So…it has been a few weeks now. Has 2021 solved all your problems yet? ..Many people spend most of Januworry waiting for their paycheque, wondering who they will pay this month. read more

Debtfree Magazine Issue 1 of 2021 Cover

Reading Time: < 1 minute Debtfree Magazine Cover Our cover for issue 1 of 2021 throws us back to games from ye olde tyme (like Zelda). Those games took you on a journey and this issue we are looking into the journey through debt review. … read more

Don’t let December Spoil Your January

Reading Time: 2 minutes December buys gifts that January must pay for. December buys trolley loads of food and alcohol that January must foot the bill for. read more

Read Debtfree Magazine Issue 12 Now

Reading Time: < 1 minute Read The Latest Magazine For Free Now 2020 is mercifully coming to a close. This issue we look back at some of the main stand out events of the year and also interview Mr Harry Greene (who will tell you … read more


Petrol Pump

Is Petrol About To Jump In Price Again?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Having already had an 81 cents/litre fuel hike in February, South Africans should now brace themselves for another spike of roughly 66 cents/litre. read more

Lockdown Level 1

Reading Time: < 1 minute With the passing of the peak of the Second Wave …Government has decided it is time to lower the lockdown level rating to Level 1.  read more

2021 Budget Summary

Reading Time: 3 minutes This month, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni laid out the national budget and explained how the country will cover ‘normal’ expenses and also pay over R19.3 Billion for Covid-19 vaccines during a time of economic disaster. read more

Debtfree Magazine Issue 2 Cover (2021)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mars…The cover also speaks to the disconnect between what people think will happen in debt review and what does actually happen. read more

Do You Need Special Insurance While In Debt Review?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Our Editor, Zak King, speaks to Meliorleaf Director, Elliot Swartz about insurance (in general & specific to debt review) in this 20 minute video read more

[Video] How To Market Debt Review

Reading Time: < 1 minute VIDEO: Our Editor, Zak King speaks to Elliot Schwartz of Meliorleaf about how debt counselling practices can promote the debt review process and how they can position themselves within the industry. read more

Interview With A Debt Counsellor: Winelands Debt Counsellor

Reading Time: 3 minutes Debtfree Magazine got to speak to long time Debt Counsellor Karl Schweidler who is based in the Western Cape…. We also ask about some of the challenges facing Debt Counsellors and consumers under debt review. read more

Reserve Bank Blockchain Project Enters New Stage

Reading Time: 2 minutes …an effort is being made to figure out if one day in the future SA could officially make use of a token or blockchain system. read more

What Interest Rate Should You Be Paying?

Reading Time: 2 minutes When considering making use of credit be sure to ask for a full comprehensive quote on what it is going to cost you both monthly and overall. read more

Living on Less

What is a NCR Registration Certificate?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you are getting credit or asking for advice about debt then you can ask to see the credit provider or Debt Counsellor’s certificate at any time. read more

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy While You Wait For School To Open

Reading Time: 3 minutes we have come up with 5 cost-effective ideas to keep your kids entertained and safe throughout lockdown read more

What Does It Mean To Be Over-Indebted?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Making Industry Terms Easy To Understand Over-Indebted If you use credit then you have debt. You owe someone money. You are indebted to them. read more

What is a Form 16?

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you speak to a Debt Counsellor they may say that they want to send you a “Form 16”. What is this strange form and why is it important? read more

What is a Credit Provider?

Reading Time: 3 minutes By law, anyone who gives out credit and charges fees or interest on the credit must register with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). read more

Why You Should Be Careful When Receiving a Collections Call

Reading Time: 3 minutes Called by a collections agent…Here is why you should be very, very careful of what happens next: read more

NCR Billboard Auction

Why You Don’t Want Your House or Car Sold On Auction

Reading Time: 5 minutes How much will your home be sold for and what happens if that amount is not enough to settle your outstanding debt? read more

Debt Review Statement – How To Make Sure You Get Yours

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are your credit providers actually getting the money via the debt counselling process? A regular monthly statement from your Payment Distribution Agent can help keep you informed. read more

The Heavy Cost of Back To School Shopping

Reading Time: 3 minutes All parents know that sickening dread as Januworry rolls around and the back to school shopping has to happen. read more