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Debtfree Editor’s Note Don’t you just love summer? Nice warm weather, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, going to and coming from work while the sun is still shining. It’s almost enough to make you forget about the gloom and cold of … read more

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Debtfree February 2019 – The Cover We think this month’s cover captures the thought of both summer and also the idea of one day being debt free and enjoying an exotic holiday. The photo, inspired by extended team member Liza … read more

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Read The Jan Issue of Debtfree Magazine This month we are looking at why your year is going to be better than everyone else’s if you are under debt review. We also bust some popular myths and update you on … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – Jan 2019 Editor’s Note January is much like the first day of annual leave, it holds so much potential. At the start of the year, you imagine all the ways your life is going to change and … read more

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Debtfree Cover – January 2019 We like to give our readers a quick look at our upcoming issue’s cover in advance. This month’s cover looks tranquil, peaceful, relaxing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could describe the whole of 2019 … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note December is a lot of fun regardless of if you are on holiday or not. There is just something in the air that speaks of freedom or fun. Look, don’t get me wrong it isn’t … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine If you are taking a short break over the year-end or unfortunately one of the large group of people who are working through the year-end then why not take a few minutes to relax and read the … read more


Forbes Best Bank List

Forbes Best Banking List – The SA Portion Shows Top Local Banks Forbes, who are famous for their lists of billionaires and brands, has released the findings of their research into the worlds most popular banks. This follows a survey … read more

Eskom Price Hike Coming

The First of 3 Eskom Price Hikes Coming in April The Energy Regulator has run public consultations and has now given Eskom permission to bump their prices by 9.41% in April 2019. Eskom Prices to go up by 9.41% in April 2019 … read more

National Credit Act Amendments (Latest)

NCA Amendments – Where are they now? Over the last few months, there have been heavy discussions about amendments planned for the National Credit Act (NCA). Courts across the country have pointed out that the NCA (already amended in the … read more

ABSA Commit to Refund Fraudulent Debit Orders

ABSA Come Out Strong WIth Promises to Refund Debit Orders As DebiCheck is about to come into effect, fraudsters who have been making use of illegal and sneaky debit orders have been stepping up their efforts to abuse debit orders … read more

FNB Include QR Codes Into Their App

FNB Banking App Now To Use QR Codes The use of QR codes is not a new thing. Many people have grown used to using Snapscan and Zapper to pay for meals, parking and more. The use of QR codes … read more

Need A Standard Bank Balance Update?

Check Those Balances in March Due to many factors the balance consumers see each month in their Payment Distribution Agent (PDA) statements may differ from the balances that the banks are working with. Reconciling the two has become a large … read more

Finwise Unavailable This Weekend

Finwise Migration This Weekend Debt Counsellors who make use of the Finwise software package (which works with the DC Partner Payment Distribution Agency) should note that they will not be able to make use of the software this weekend. ‘Debt Counsellors … read more

2019 Budget Summary

2019 Budget Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mbeweni delivered his annual budget speech this month and revealed a country in economic crises. The budget speech disclosed that SA is having to borrow R1.2 Billion a day but is only paying around … read more

DTI Research Into Impact of Amendment Bill

DTI Launch Independent Impact Assesment Into Credit Bill The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has launched research into the possible impact of the coming Amendments to the National Credit Act (Debt Intervention Bill). The Bill makes investigation of reckless credit … read more

Living on Less

Buy Now Ignore Later – How Our Brains Trick Us

Present Bias and How it Affects The Way We Deal With Debt Our brains tend to focus on the now and instant gratification. This is called “present bias”. This is one of the reasons why getting into debt is so easy … read more

Debt Review Suddenly Showing on Your Credit Report?

Is Your Credit Report Saying You Are Under Debt Review But You Aren’t? When a consumer applies for debt review then their Debt Counsellor lets the National Credit Regulator (NCR) know that the consumer is interested in debt review. The … read more

Communication is Key

Communicate With Your Debt Counsellor It is said that communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. This is also true of a consumer’s relationship with their Debt Counsellor. Many consumers are not used to having someone help them with their … read more

Free Night at the Museum

Free Access To Cape Town Museums On Thursday the 21st of February, Cape Town residents will have the chance to access many of the city’s premier museums for free. Not only will people be able to access many museums for … read more

When You Receive a Summons

Summonses Are Scary When you enter debt review you may incorrectly assume that all your creditors will always cooperate with your Debt Counsellor and your debt restructuring court order. The thought that they may have different departments at the same … read more

Have Your Contact Details Changed?

New Contact Info? If you have begun your 2019 at a new firm (with new work email address) or a new physical address (due to a move) or perhaps switched from one mobile network to another then you should remember … read more

Funny: January Finances Video

Trying to Make it to February After the holidays it can be increasingly hard to find the cash you need to make it to your next paycheck. You probably have raided and emptied all your children’s piggy banks, checked behind … read more

Blacklisted? Need A Loan? – No Questions Asked – Beware Scams!

Avoid Being Tricked By Fake Loan Scams Each month hundreds of consumers fall for fake loan scams in their desperation to access more credit to try to solve their financial problems. How can you avoid being taken for a ride and losing … read more

Shoprite Back To School Clothes For Under R100?

Shoprite Help Parents Get Their Kids Back To School Shoprite are breaking the mould and providing basic school uniforms for less than R100. The uniforms, available at selected stores, consists of a shirt, shorts or a skirt, socks and a … read more