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Read The Jan Issue of Debtfree Magazine This month we are looking at why your year is going to be better than everyone else’s if you are under debt review. We also bust some popular myths and update you on … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – Jan 2019 Editor’s Note January is much like the first day of annual leave, it holds so much potential. At the start of the year, you imagine all the ways your life is going to change and … read more

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Debtfree Cover – January 2019 We like to give our readers a quick look at our upcoming issue’s cover in advance. This month’s cover looks tranquil, peaceful, relaxing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could describe the whole of 2019 … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note December is a lot of fun regardless of if you are on holiday or not. There is just something in the air that speaks of freedom or fun. Look, don’t get me wrong it isn’t … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine If you are taking a short break over the year-end or unfortunately one of the large group of people who are working through the year-end then why not take a few minutes to relax and read the … read more

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Debtfree Cover – December 2018 This month’s cover sums it up. We all just want to have a little fun and take a break. The year-end can be a great time to refresh and get our focus back. The start of … read more

Competition: Clue

Online Course Competition – Clue If you are interested in winning this month’s Corporate Rebels Competition then you may need a clue to help you find the missing words which are required to enter the competition this month. Where To Look … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine Now The latest issue of Debtfree Magazine looks at the topic of how committed you are to being debt free and the debt review process. It considers signs that you may not be as committed as you … read more

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Debtfree November 2018 – Editor’s Note   How many times have you told yourself that when summer arrives this year you are not going to make the same winter mistakes you did last time. You tell yourself that this time … read more


NCR Quarterly Reports Due (15th Feb)

NCR Waiting For Quarterly Reports The National Credit Regulator (NCR) collects reports about consumers in debt review from Debt Counsellors every three months. These quarterly reports update the NCR on what type of clients the Debt Counsellors have been helping … read more

African Bank Workshop (Gauteng)

African Bank Workshop With Debt Counsellors Carina Best (Head of Alternative Collections at African Bank) and her team hosted a well supported workshop with Gauteng Debt Counsellors this month (13th Feb). The event had a relaxed, cooperative and friendly feel … read more

Free Money Doesn’t Help People Find Work

Finland’s Free Money to the Poor Project Doesn’t Help People Get Work A social experiment run in Finland to give a monthly stipend to 2000 unemployed people has brought mixed results. The idea was to find out if giving 2000 … read more

Maximus Webinar on NCR Debt Help

Maximus Host Webinar on NCR Debt Help The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has a database, which Debt Counsellors are obliged to update regularly about their clients and those who apply for debt review. This Database (the front end) is called NCR … read more

Credit Industry Forum Consider Reckless Credit Investigating

CIF Discuss Reckless Credit Investigations The Credit Industry Forum (CIF) is chaired by the National Credit Regulator and has representatives from Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors, as well as, consumer groups. They meet regularly to look into areas of debt counselling … read more

African Bank Workshop With Debt Counsellors (Gauteng)

African Bank DC Workshop – 13th Feb African Bank are hosting a special workshop with Debt Counsellors in Gauteng on the 13th of February 2019. The catered workshop will be held in Midrand (very central for most DCs in the … read more

Debt Review Awards 2019 – Update

Debt Review Awards 2019 Each year NCR registered members of the debt review industry are invited to complete short peer reviews about those they work with on opposite sides of the industry. This gives credit providers the chance during the … read more

Debt Ruins Relationships

Research Shows Debt Ruins Relationships Recently a Canadian debt counselling organisation (yes, they have debt review in Canada) released the findings of their research into debt and how it affects consumers. They call it the Dysfunctional Debt Survey.   Debt’s … read more

Your Bank’s Statement May Be Totally Wrong

Your Bank’s Statment Is Probably Wrong Consumers who enter debt review receive a monthly statement from their Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). This statement outlines how their one monthly debt repayment has been split up among their credit providers.  The PDA will make … read more

Living on Less

When You Receive a Summons

Summonses Are Scary When you enter debt review you may incorrectly assume that all your creditors will always cooperate with your Debt Counsellor and your debt restructuring court order. The thought that they may have different departments at the same … read more

Have Your Contact Details Changed?

New Contact Info? If you have begun your 2019 at a new firm (with new work email address) or a new physical address (due to a move) or perhaps switched from one mobile network to another then you should remember … read more

Funny: January Finances Video

Trying to Make it to February After the holidays it can be increasingly hard to find the cash you need to make it to your next paycheck. You probably have raided and emptied all your children’s piggy banks, checked behind … read more

Blacklisted? Need A Loan? – No Questions Asked – Beware Scams!

Avoid Being Tricked By Fake Loan Scams Each month hundreds of consumers fall for fake loan scams in their desperation to access more credit to try to solve their financial problems. How can you avoid being taken for a ride and losing … read more

Shoprite Back To School Clothes For Under R100?

Shoprite Help Parents Get Their Kids Back To School Shoprite are breaking the mould and providing basic school uniforms for less than R100. The uniforms, available at selected stores, consists of a shirt, shorts or a skirt, socks and a … read more

Free Stuff in CT If You Are Getting Older

Fancy Some Free Stuff? If you don’t mind ageing and celebrate your birthday, then you may be interested to know that you can get a bunch of free stuff in and around Cape Town on the day (or that week). Aquarium … read more

Know Your Insurance Rights

Do You Know Your Insurance Rights? Why must I have insurance when I take a loan, get a credit card, buy a car or house or even if I have an overdraft? The answer is simple: credit providers’ link insurance, … read more

Competition Winner: Online CPA Course

And The Winner Is… Over the last two issues (and in the coming issue) of Debtfree Magazine, we are running competitions with our partners: Corporate Rebels. Each month we are featuring one of their helpful online courses. We want to … read more

Transport Tips: Save On Fuel (Part 2)

Fuel Saving Tips (Part 2) When living on less you need to make sure you are saving on your transport costs. How and when you drive can make a huge difference. We continue looking at the top 10 tips for … read more