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Reading Time: 2 minutes Our Editor’s Note Getting positive feedback is always refreshing. We love it when readers write in and say how much they enjoy reading this magazine. Sometimes we gather the whole team and share such positive thoughts with everyone. It can … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Our Cover

Reading Time: 1 minute Debtfree Magazine – The Cover The cover of this month’s Debtfree Magazine features shots taken at the Annual Debt Review Awards. This issue we take a look at some of the glitz, the glam and some of the silliness. We … read more

Our Editor’s Note – June 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Editor’s Note The other morning I walked out my front door only to see that my doormat was missing. No, it wasn’t stolen. Seriously, if people are stealing your doormat, it might be time to consider moving. The doormat had … read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Read the Latest Debtfree Magazine The current issue of Debtfree Magazine has articles about how to live like a millionaire, about the Reserve Bank and what everyone is forgetting and about the upcoming Debt Review Awards as we get a … read more

The Latest Debtfree Magazine Cover

Reading Time: 1 minute Debtfree Cover The industry is holding its breath to find out the results of the upcoming Debt Review Awards next month (20th). Who will win, who will make the top 5 and top 10 lists, which PDAs will be recogninsed … read more

Our Editor’s Note

Reading Time: 3 minutes Debtfree Magazine – Our Editor’s Note Nobody likes poor service. These days we have so many choices that we hardly have to put up with it any more. If your mobile network is not delivering well then, you can switch … read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Read Debtfree Magazine Now The latest issue of Debtfree Magazine is out and you can read it right now here on the site (right below). The magazine is all about one of the latest growing trends in debt review where … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Our Latest Cover

Reading Time: 1 minute Debtfree Magazine – The May Cover This month our cover is right on point with our lead article. Are people calling you and offering you a supposedly better deal on your Debt Review? Is that even possible and is it … read more

Carte Blanche Expose’ on Loan Scams & the NCC

Reading Time: 1 minute Carte Blanche Show About Loan Scams & the NCC Recently a wave of loan scams has been prevalent online and Carte Blanche ask some hard questions about consumer protection. Is the National Consumer Commission doing enough? Watch Now (10 Min) read more


Debt Intervention Gets the Green Light

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Debt Intervention Bill Signed Into Law A new law which provides relief for over-indebted, lower income consumers has been signed into law by President Ramaphosa this week. The new law seeks to help consumers with a smaller amount of … read more

Foschini Retail Group

Reading Time: 1 minute Foschini Group Changes Legal Name The Foschini Group (which is known to many simply as TFG) includes a bunch of different brands such as Markham, @home, AmericanSwiss, Sterns, SODA, sportscene, Duesouth, FIX, Fabiani, hi and Foschini, of course. TFG are … read more

NCA Section 103(5) Court Case Begins

Reading Time: 3 minutes NCA 103(5) InDuplum Case Begins This week a very important case is happening in the High Court between consumers and the banks. The case is set to give some more clarity on the National Credit Act Section 103(5) Section 103(5) … read more

Smart Money Interview with Debt Counsellor & NCR

Reading Time: 1 minute Interview with NCR & Benay Sager This segment of Smart Money features an interview about debt review with Ms Kedilatile Legodi of the National Credit Regulator as well as Mr Benay Sager of the IDM group. Mr Sager describes the … read more

Quarterly Reports Due Soon

Reading Time: 1 minute Debt Counsellors Reminded of 15 August Deadline for Quarterly Reports The National Credit Regulator (NCR) requires that Debt Counsellors submit a quarterly report about their debt review clients and business by 15th August. The report which is completed on the … read more

Iemas Share Info About Debt Review

Reading Time: 1 minute Iemas Share Info About Debt Review The Iemas blog has run an article about the debt review process outlining some of the advantages of the process and how consumers can make use of it to handle their debts if they … read more

NCT Says No To Child Grants in Credit Applications

Reading Time: 2 minutes NCT Ruling on Child Grants as Income in Credit Applications The National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) recently heard a case between the National Credit Regulator(NCR)  and JMK Cash Loans. The case revolved, in part, around JMK Cash Loans including consumer’s child … read more

Does Recalculating Mortgages Due to Repo Rate Changes Extinguish Arrears?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Court Cases Pending Over Repo Rate Changes in Mortgage Calculations There are soon going to be several interesting court cases which will deal with the possible extinguishing of mortgage arrears due to Repo Rate adjustments by banks. The idea is … read more

DCASA Annual Conference

Reading Time: 1 minute DCASA Annual Conference In August The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) will be holding their annual member’s conference in Gauteng during August 2019. The day-long conference will be held at Emperor’s Palace near the OR Tambo Airport in … read more

Living on Less

You Pay Your Debt Counsellor: Do they work for you?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who Does a Debt Counsellor Work For? Consumers who enter debt review are told that they will have to pay fees for the service. The fees are paid via a Payment Distribution Agent to their Debt Counsellor*. These fees would … read more

Free Computer Game (June 2019)

Reading Time: 1 minute Want To Play A Free Space Cowboy Game? If you are living on less then you have to give up certain luxuries such as buying expensive computer games. This can make you sad. Fortunately, there are a bunch of companies … read more

Could you be Saving an Extra R6600 a year?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Power of a Packed Lunch We all enjoy eating out. Having someone else do all the work and having no dishes afterwards is fun. Sadly, it is also expensive. Are you in the habit of buying lunch? You may … read more

3 Tips For Better Shopping

Reading Time: 3 minutes 3 Tips To Help You Save You Save Bucks at the Shops Living on less can be challenging. Shopping with less is always going to be difficult especially when the prices of everything are progressively going up. So, if you … read more

Dealing With Collections Calls When Under Debt Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dealing with Those Pesky Collections Calls When a consumer first enters debt review they have normally been through a period of great hardship and stress. Not only could they not pay for all their debts in the correct amounts each … read more

Why You Can’t Afford to be a Bad Driver

Reading Time: 3 minutes Drive Well or Pay the Price With the coming AARTO points system probably being introduced in the near future in one form or another it is clear that if you are a SA driver you are soon going to run into … read more

Skipping Debt Counsellor Fees

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not Paying Via a PDA Does Not Mean Skipping Debt Counsellor Fees The National Credit Act introduced firms called Payment Distribution Agencies (PDA). These firms help simplify consumer’s debt review payments and assist them to make the right payment on … read more

Buy Now Ignore Later – How Our Brains Trick Us

Reading Time: 3 minutes Present Bias and How it Affects The Way We Deal With Debt Our brains tend to focus on the now and instant gratification. This is called “present bias”. This is one of the reasons why getting into debt is so easy … read more

Debt Review Suddenly Showing on Your Credit Report?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Is Your Credit Report Saying You Are Under Debt Review But You Aren’t? When a consumer applies for debt review then their Debt Counsellor lets the National Credit Regulator (NCR) know that the consumer is interested in debt review. The … read more