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Editors Note It is around March when you realize that time flies. Once again the year has slipped from the fresh excitement (and financial strain) of January, through the disappearing month of February into hardcore 2019. You just blink, and … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine Now You can read the new issue of Debtfree Magazine right now for free. This issue we talk about saying no to family and friends and what we can learn from loadshedding. We also look at news … read more

Debtfree Magazine March Cover

Debtfree Magazine March 2019 Cover This month one of our main articles is all about how you need to be strong and say no to your family and friends. This is tough but so are you! The cover captures the … read more

How Involved Do You Need To Be In Your Debt Review?

Just How Involved Do You Really Need To Be In Your Debt Review? Dealing with debt is stressful. So getting professional help with your debt from a Debt Counsellor can be a great idea. You can get to sit back … read more

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Debtfree Editor’s Note Don’t you just love summer? Nice warm weather, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, going to and coming from work while the sun is still shining. It’s almost enough to make you forget about the gloom and cold of … read more

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Debtfree February 2019 – The Cover We think this month’s cover captures the thought of both summer and also the idea of one day being debt free and enjoying an exotic holiday. The photo, inspired by extended team member Liza … read more

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Read The Jan Issue of Debtfree Magazine This month we are looking at why your year is going to be better than everyone else’s if you are under debt review. We also bust some popular myths and update you on … read more


Bank Rewards Matter

Report on Banks Reveals Importance of Rewards Recently, Consulta released a report about consumer satisfaction with the various banks and their services. The idea is to find the most satisfied clients at a particular bank. The report however also revealed … read more

Intuitive Expand Their Team

Malcolm Povey At Intuitive Mr Malcolm Povey, who is well known to most in the industry, has this month begun his new position at Debt Counsellor services company Intuitive. He moves over to Intuitive from Payment Distribution Agency CollectNet. PDAs assist … read more

African Bank Workshop (Cape Town)

African Bank Workshop with Cape Debt Counsellors Following up on the success of their recent workshop with Debt Counsellors in JHB, African Bank’s Alternative Collections department enjoyed a day in Cape Town engaging with local Debt Counsellors. Attendees came from … read more

Cutting Down on Your Workload

Help Your Clients to Help Themselves Many credit providers are now offering consumers greater access to their information. Debt Counsellors benefit greatly since this means they can now encourage their debt review clients to get involved in the process and … read more

NCR Win NCT Case Against VW Over On the Road Fees

VW Ordered to Pay Back On the Road Fees The National Credit Regulator (NCR) recently took Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) over fees which most dealers charge customers when they buy a new car. … read more

Capitec Vs Digital Banks

Capitec To Drop Fees Even Further With three new digital banks offering accounts with Zero fees the other SA banks are going to have to scramble to try to keep up. Capitec Bank is the first of the Big 6 … read more

Research Shows Ave income went up 1.5% but Food inflation Went up over 15%

Research: Food Prices Outstrip Income Increases BankservAfrica report that the average income increase for most South Africans (compared to 12 months ago) has been about 1.5 %. At the same time, Stats SA reports that items like tea, fruit and veggies … read more

African Bank April DC Workshop

African Bank DC Workshop Set for 12th April Debt Counsellors in Gauteng recently enjoyed a workshop with African Bank’s Alternative Collections department. This team at African Bank handle debt review matters and are next moving the workshop to Cape Town … read more

Moody’s hold off on Rating Review

Moody’s Postpone Review Rating Agency Moody’s has once again pushed back making a call on South Africa’s credit rating (which currently sits just above “junk” status at BAA3). The agency was expected to release a reviewed rating this month but … read more

Living on Less

Skipping Debt Counsellor Fees

Not Paying Via a PDA Does Not Mean Skipping Debt Counsellor Fees The National Credit Act introduced firms called Payment Distribution Agencies (PDA). These firms help simplify consumer’s debt review payments and assist them to make the right payment on … read more

Buy Now Ignore Later – How Our Brains Trick Us

Present Bias and How it Affects The Way We Deal With Debt Our brains tend to focus on the now and instant gratification. This is called “present bias”. This is one of the reasons why getting into debt is so easy … read more

Debt Review Suddenly Showing on Your Credit Report?

Is Your Credit Report Saying You Are Under Debt Review But You Aren’t? When a consumer applies for debt review then their Debt Counsellor lets the National Credit Regulator (NCR) know that the consumer is interested in debt review. The … read more

Communication is Key

Communicate With Your Debt Counsellor It is said that communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. This is also true of a consumer’s relationship with their Debt Counsellor. Many consumers are not used to having someone help them with their … read more

Free Night at the Museum

Free Access To Cape Town Museums On Thursday the 21st of February, Cape Town residents will have the chance to access many of the city’s premier museums for free. Not only will people be able to access many museums for … read more

When You Receive a Summons

Summonses Are Scary When you enter debt review you may incorrectly assume that all your creditors will always cooperate with your Debt Counsellor and your debt restructuring court order. The thought that they may have different departments at the same … read more

Have Your Contact Details Changed?

New Contact Info? If you have begun your 2019 at a new firm (with new work email address) or a new physical address (due to a move) or perhaps switched from one mobile network to another then you should remember … read more

Funny: January Finances Video

Trying to Make it to February After the holidays it can be increasingly hard to find the cash you need to make it to your next paycheck. You probably have raided and emptied all your children’s piggy banks, checked behind … read more

Blacklisted? Need A Loan? – No Questions Asked – Beware Scams!

Avoid Being Tricked By Fake Loan Scams Each month hundreds of consumers fall for fake loan scams in their desperation to access more credit to try to solve their financial problems. How can you avoid being taken for a ride and losing … read more