Editor’s Note

Reading Time: 2 minutes So, can we please talk about anything other than Covid-19? No, don’t be silly… It is the only thing we are going to talk about. read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute We discuss how the current Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown is going to impact on your income …Do you have to make your normal debt review payment this month or not? read more

Debtfree Magazine March 2020 – Cover

Reading Time: 1 minute The cover of this month’s issue talks about the biggest thing going on in SA and indeed around the world right now: Covid-19 and the Lockdown read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute …The January issue of Debtfree Magazine dives deep into a ruling by the National Consumer Tribunal which saw a Debt Counsellor been issued a R1 Million fine… read more

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Locally, SAA has somehow managed to stay in the air and Eskom has, for the most part, kept the lights on… for now. It is hard to tell if people are more upset about the recent slow internet or the fact that… read more

Debtfree Magazine Cover For January 2020

Reading Time: 1 minute This month we talk about the National Consumer Tribunal ruling that has the industry abuzz. A Debt Counsellor got fined R1 million. How? Why? And how is this good for the industry and consumers in debt review? read more

Are You Ready to Be Debt Free?

Reading Time: 5 minutes So many people who go through … the debt review process often end up coming back to their Debt Counsellor again to ask for a second debt review. In some cases, this even happens within the same year … read more

Editor’s Note

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our Editor’s Note December is here and once again we ask ourselves where did the year go? That’s not to say we are not all a little exhausted after a tough year. The year has been a tricky one for … read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Read the December Issue of Debtfree Magazine Now You can enjoy the latest issue of Debtfree Magazine right now (below) for free. This issue we ask if you are really ready to live without debt? Really? It seems like the … read more


Finally Time to Claim on the Insurance You Didn’t Realise You Had?

Reading Time: 3 minutes you may now be able to get value for money out of all those small insurance payments over the years. … check and see if they could qualify to receive benefits due to temporary loss of income due to Covid-19 and the lockdown. read more

April Petrol Price Drop

Reading Time: 1 minute Russia and Saudi Arabia have been locked in a massive game of oil price chicken which has seen the price per barrel drop read more

Reserve Bank To Reduce How Much Banks Have To Have In Reserve

Reading Time: 1 minute This is because for the next few months consumers are probably not going to be paying back their loans and so their figures could drop below the required amounts. read more

Rand Hammered As Moodys Downgrade to ‘Junk’ Status

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘They now rate the risk too high for certain types of investment schemes’ read more

ABSA Bank Announce Covid-19 Related Payment Holidays For Clients

Reading Time: 1 minute ABSA are offering a 3 month payment holiday for those who cannot pay anything and reduced monthly debt instalments for those who can. read more

Standard Bank Extend 3 Month Payment Holiday to More Clients

Reading Time: 1 minute If you are a Standard Bank client and have accounts in good standing and earn less than R7500 a month then you will now qualify for Standard Bank’s latest offering of read more

Lockdown Days Are Not Business Days

Reading Time: 1 minute The question recently arose as to whether the 21 days spent in lockdown will count as normal business days or not? read more


Maximus Open for Business

Reading Time: 1 minute Maximus are ready to assist remotely and will be able to keep things running as normal throughout the lockdown.  read more

ONE Open For Business

Reading Time: 1 minute ONE will be available throughout the lockdown to assist their consumer and Debt Counsellor clients alike. read more

Living on Less

What Can You Do During Lockdown?

Reading Time: 1 minute Wondering what kind of things you can do during a lockdown? – Quick infographic read more

Debt Review School

Reading Time: 1 minute Debt Review School…if you decide not to work with a debt counsellor does it change whether you are under debt review or not? read more

Debt Review School

Reading Time: 1 minute If you began debt review using a PDA but later decide not to make use of the PDA’s services… read more

Tips for Living On Less – When You Do Give a Friend a Loan

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is not uncommon for confusion to set in when time goes by and one party is unable to stick to a verbal agreement. Having two witnesses who are aware of the arrangement can also help read more

Tips For Living On Less – When Asked for a Loan

Reading Time: 1 minute It is not easy for a friend or family member to come to you and ask for a loan so, be kind and friendly. It is always polite to listen to the reasons why they need help. read more

Back to School (Tip)

Reading Time: 1 minute Buying lots of back to school items for your kids in January can be very expensive. If you have been saving each month …If you have not been saving… read more

How Shopping & Debt Ruined This Student’s Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Online Shopping & Keeping Up With The Joneses Hurt This Student When Karin* received her acceptance letter to a prestigious university she was ecstatic. She moved into student accommodation and took a student loan that covered here studies and expenses. … read more

When Asked For a Loan

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Someone Asks You For a Loan Even though we may be dealing with debt ourselves, the situation can arise when someone we know asks us for a loan. They may not even realize that you are under debt review … read more

Small Ways to Save Big: Trick the Internet Shops

Reading Time: 2 minutes Small Ways to Save Big: Avoid Dynamic Pricing! When you go online and start to search for the price of things (like a TV, tablet or plane ticket) the websites that you visit and search engine that you use start … read more