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Reading Time: 1 minute October 2019 Debtfree Magazine Cover Spring has sprung. It is amazing how times flies. Before you know it it will be December and January with all the stresses and extra costs those months bring. This months cover asks the important … read more

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Reading Time: 2 minutes It is also natural to want to have some control over your future. So, if you can’t control all the contradictory wildness around you politically and economically, at least you can keep paying off your own debts and taking another step, this month, towards being debt free. read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Read The Latest Debtfree Magazine For Free The latest issue of Debtfree Magazine is all about leaving debt review. Many people find that once they have signed up they struggle to have their debt review status removed at a later … read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Our September 2019 Cover This month’s cover touches on a topic close to many people’s hearts: If they have entered debt review but have not yet paid up all their debt or if they are suddenly earning more can they … read more

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Reading Time: 1 minute Debtfree Cover The August issue is all about the recent changes to the National Credit Act and a new debt relief measure called: Debt Intervention. What is that you ask? Read the issue to find out. [Debtfree Team] We hope … read more

Do You Know Your Debt Counsellor?

Reading Time: 1 minute Do you know your Debt Counsellor’s Name? When a consumer approaches a debt counselling firm for help they may speak to a number of different people from the receptionist to the accounts department. They may receive help from so many … read more

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Our Editor’s Note Getting positive feedback is always refreshing. We love it when readers write in and say how much they enjoy reading this magazine. Sometimes we gather the whole team and share such positive thoughts with everyone. It can … read more


Moody’s Change Outlook To Negative

Reading Time: 2 minutes Moody’s Anticipate Bad Things International Rating Agency Moody’s are currently the only rating agency that says people should still look to invest in SA* and have for a long time held off on agreeing with other rating agencies who are … read more

DCASA Regional Meeting

Reading Time: 4 minutes DCASA Regional Meeting This month saw the final round of regional DCASA meetings across the country for 2019. In the various provinces credit providers, PDAs and other service providers were invited to present or answer debt review related questions from … read more

DCASA AGM In November

Reading Time: 1 minute The DCASA Annual General Meeting is Coming Each year full members of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) are invited to make nominations for the DCASA National Executive Committee (NEC). These have now been made and will be … read more

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Our Editor’s Note Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming (ask anyone with allergies), the rugby is on TV and we can almost see the December holidays in the distance. It is interesting how having the prospect of a small break … read more

DCASA Urge Consumers To Avoid Debt Review Cancellation Scams

Reading Time: 2 minutes DCASA Warn Consumers The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) has urged consumers to avoid been taken in by scams from unscrupulous people who pretend they can get consumer’s debt review status removed for a fee. In a document … read more

Is the Net tightening on Supposed Ponzi Scheme Coin It?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Coin It & Commex Minerals Scheme on a Knifes Edge Coin It promised investors as much as a 200% return in just 3 years. This is an incredibly high return offering and for many raise a red flag warning them … read more

DCRS Changes Going Live On DC Software

Reading Time: 3 minutes DCRS Vehicle Changes Go Live Many Debt Counsellors have given up on using a Credit Provider backed proposal software called DCRS. This automated proposal and calculation software suggests repayment terms that credit providers will, in theory, automatically accept. The system … read more

Bad Press for Debt Counselling Firm

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bad Press For DC Firm Questions Marketing Practice A consumer who lost his car has turned to the press in an effort to highlight his plight. The consumer recently lost his car to the bank which hit hard. Mr Johannes … read more


Debt Counsellor Helps Impoverished School

Reading Time: 2 minutes Debt Counsellor Helps School Kid’s Computer Department These days if you are not familiar with computer then you are not ready for the real world. School kids, in particular, need to learn about computers and the web. This was almost … read more

Living on Less

Small Ways to Save Big: Dinner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Small Ways To Save Big: Dinner When you think about dinner you are probably picturing a big plate of steaming hot food. Some meat and 2 different veggies (to be healthy). Maybe you also picture some slices of bread on … read more

What We Can Learn From Cell C’s Rescue Plan

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lessons We Can Learn From The Cell C Rescue Plan Recently Cell C realised that they are going to go out of business if they allow their debts to grow any further. They managed to end up with R8.03 Billion … read more

What we learn from Avbob Parking Lot Suicide

Reading Time: 2 minutes Debt Stressed? Get Help! Sadly, a stressed 38 year old farmer took his life in the parking lot of a local Avbob funeral service branch. Police report that Mr Van Rooyen had been waiting for service at a local Avbob … read more

How Do You Compare?

Reading Time: 1 minute How Rich / Poor Are You Compared To Other South Africans? Ever wondered how your income compares to the majority of South Africans? Are you rich or poor compared to everyone else? You may be unsure since you don’t know … read more

Money Advice From One of the World’s Richest Sportsmen

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shaq Talks Money World-famous basketballer Shaquille O’Neal says that one evening he had a chat with business manager Lester Knispel who taught him that saving is key to future financial freedom. Shaq relates how Lester took a $100 note and … read more

Learn More About DebiCheck – Flowchart

Reading Time: 1 minute Learn More About DebiCheck – Capitec Flow Chart In the weeks and months ahead we are going to be focusing in on changes that happen to the way money is debited from your bank account. This might be money for … read more

You Pay Your Debt Counsellor: Do they work for you?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who Does a Debt Counsellor Work For? Consumers who enter debt review are told that they will have to pay fees for the service. The fees are paid via a Payment Distribution Agent to their Debt Counsellor*. These fees would … read more

Free Computer Game (June 2019)

Reading Time: 1 minute Want To Play A Free Space Cowboy Game? If you are living on less then you have to give up certain luxuries such as buying expensive computer games. This can make you sad. Fortunately, there are a bunch of companies … read more

Could you be Saving an Extra R6600 a year?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Power of a Packed Lunch We all enjoy eating out. Having someone else do all the work and having no dishes afterwards is fun. Sadly, it is also expensive. Are you in the habit of buying lunch? You may … read more