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Looking for a Debt Counsellor? Maybe Debtfree can help.

Finding a great Debt Counsellor can be bit tricky. Be assured that great, efficient, caring Debt Counsellors are out there. However, many consumers hear stories about the few Debt Counsellors who, in the past, did something naughty (like moved offices and never told their clients) and so they are concerned about how to make an educated choice.

While it is true that there have been a very small number of Debt Counsellors who have done bad things – like leave the country and not transfer their clients to another Debt Counsellor or have taken money directly from clients without then paying those funds on to creditors – the National Credit Regulator and Debt Counsellor associations have been very active in helping consumers effected by these Debt Counsellors. They have also been busy helping get these few bad seeds removed from the industry. After some time now there are hardly any new Debt Counsellors who are operating in an unscrupulous manner. What this means is that consumers can now, generally speaking, approach any operating Debt Counsellors with a reasonable amount of confidence.

Finding a Debt Counsellor

The best way of finding a Debt Counsellor is probably via word of mouth from a friend of yours. They will have first-hand experience of the service offered by the Debt Counselling firm and will be able to tell you what to expect. However, if you do not know anyone under debt review then it can be a bit more tricky. There are many Debt Counsellors out there and each will have their strengths and weaknesses.

A Large Debt Counselling Firm or a Small one?

For example, it is said that a smaller Debt Counselling firm will give you more individualised attention and have faster turnaround times for enquiries. On the other hand, a larger firm will have more resources and “clout” with creditors and the National Credit Regulator. Which is better? Well, that depends on what you want from your Debt Counsellor.

 Debtfree Debt Counsellor Profiles

The choice is up to you. The key is to do a little research into the Debt Counsellor you are thinking of using. Over time Debtfree magazine has run a feature on several Debt Counsellors to help consumers get to know some of the many Debt Counsellors across the country. It is interesting to see how they run their business and what they feel are their individual strengths. Here are a few of the Debt Counsellors that we have interviewed over the years. Feel free to contact them directly to talk about their practice and how they might be able to assist you with debt review.



Debt Counsellor Profile: Awie Coetzee of SA Debt Help

Where in SA are you Based?

I have small to medium size debt counselling practice. My offices are in Melville (Johannesburg), Cape Town and also in Pretoria. We do however deal with consumers from across the country.


How Long Have you Been a Debt Counsellor?

I have been a registered and practicing Debt Counsellor since 2008.


What Did you do Before Becoming a Debt Counsellor?

I was in financing for almost 10 years, before turning to debt counselling, which I have now been doing for 13 years.


Why Did you Become a Debt Counsellor?

I was introduced to debt counselling back in 2007 by my aunt (who was also one of the very first debt counsellors– Erna Scott), as we came from similar backgrounds. It quickly became an interest of mine to explore this avenue, which I found quite fulfilling.


What Makes Your Business a Success?

I believe in being hands-on. As we are a smaller “boutique” type debt counselling firm, we tend to give more personalized attention to our clients. This is critical for success.


Where Do You Find New Business?

We do marketing campaigns to inform potential clients of the benefits of debt counselling. Since we have been in the industry for so many years now, we also get a lot of word-of-mouth business, from clients who were under debt review before and also from our current clients.

‘Since we have been in the industry for so many years now, we also get a lot of word-of-mouth business’

What Challenges are you Seeing Coming from the Credit Provider Side at the Moment?

Since the lockdown began back in 2020, we have been seeing a big delay in turnaround times from most of the creditors, as quite a lot of them have had to work from home. This created quite a few challenges I feel, as communication often is delayed or even totally missed.


What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Debt Counsellors at the Moment?

I feel the challenge the Debt Counsellors are having is (STILL) misinformation about the whole process from the consumer’s side.

There are many consumers that still don’t really know what the correct process entails and that means they, unfortunately, cannot make an informed decision when it comes to debt counselling.

There are a small number of Debt Counsellors who are still not following the correct procedure and this does a lot of reputational harm to the industry. It causes some to have a negative view of debt counselling which is a great process that can really help debt stressed consumers.


What is the Biggest Challenge Facing your Clients at the Moment?

A lot of my clients were negatively affected by COVID 19 in 2020, and these issues have spilled over into 2021.

Now many of my clients are having to deal with further income reductions. Many self-employed clients suffered a total loss of income during the initial stages of lockdown. This means that these already over-indebted clients, suddenly had the impossible challenge of trying to keep up with their previous court ordered debt review instalments. Many fell into arrears with their debt review obligations and due to the ongoing economic problems this has made it nearly impossible for them to catch up.

‘Many fell into arrears with their debt review obligations and due to the ongoing economic problems this has made it nearly impossible for them to catch up’

So, What Advice do you give Consumers Experiencing Debt Stress due to the Lockdown & Pandemic?

Speak to your Debt Counsellor to organise to make payment arrangements as best you can. The Debt Counsellor will send out form 17.3’s and suggest revised proposals to credit providers.

We, fortunately, have had great success during the lockdown with these types of temporarily reduced payment arrangements. Talking honestly and promptly with creditors does help in this regard. Your credit providers will normally help if they can. They understand that there is a global pandemic going on.


What Advice Do You Have for Consumers Already Under Debt Review?

Be pro-active with your budgeting, lifestyle choices and spending habits. Stick closely to your proposed instalment in order to avoid default payments. Never miss a payment.

If and when you can, try and settle smaller accounts. Also try to see if you can sell unnecessary items (vehicles, property) to rid yourself of these debts or put more funds into your debt review. This will significantly shorten the term on the overall debt payment plan for all your debts.  










Cadle Photo

How long have you been a DC?

I’ve been a Debt Counsellor for many years since being registered in 2009.

What did you do before becoming a DC?

After studying I worked in the financial industry, mainly as a Bond Originator. I became a full-time Debt Counsellor in 2009.

Why did you become a DC?

Having spent time in the financial industry, I could see there was a lack of consumer education around debt. Sadly, the large majority of people start dealing with their debt too late. The effects of bad debt are devastating and reach far beyond just your bank balance and credit record.

The inception of the National Credit Act in 2005, started changing this. It meant that there was a way to assist and protect consumers that were experiencing financial difficulties.

What area (of SA) do you practice in?

We operate nationally and can help any consumer no matter where they are located.

Do you have a small/med/large DC company?

We have a large Debt Counselling firm, with eight qualified Debt Counsellors and a very strong administrative team. Our people are the core of our business and our customers love dealing with us. I receive emails, almost daily, from clients thanking a team member for their understanding, empathy and the human touch they bring to the Debt Counselling process.

What makes your business a success?

In the past eight years, we have built very good relationships with all creditors across the board. These relationships coupled with our streamlined process makes Debt Counselling a lot less stressful for our clients.

We offer every consumer the same quality of service and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

I am also a qualified Financial Advisor and work together with one of the largest Financial Services Providers to further assist our clients and save them money on all their essential financial needs.

Where do you find new business?

Our clients refer a lot of business to us. We also actively market online and offer financial wellness days for corporate companies and their employees.

Who are your most co-operative and least co-operative credit provider at the moment?

It changes constantly. The most co-operative at the moment are Consumer Friend, Nedbank and FNB. The least co-operative is ABSA. Standard Bank also seems to be less co-operative lately.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?

The different legal interpretation of Courts in different areas. Getting Credit Providers to respond in a reasonable time.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?

The unstable economy. It creates a domino effect ­– interest rate increases and fuel price hikes leading to ever-increasing living costs. We’re also seeing a lot of consumers struggling due to spousal retrenchment and a reduction in overtime work. The recent increase in minimum wage will no-doubt also start effecting employment numbers, because it is now more expensive to hire people.

What advice do you have for consumers under with debt stress?

We actually have a few great articles at that will help people identify debt stress and how to deal with it better. Debt stress gets into every corner of your life – your job, your personal life and your family. At the end of the day, debt stress a symptom. You have to deal with the root of the problem, which is your debt itself.

This stress can be gone in five days. Just get in touch with a qualified Debt Counsellor.

Check that the firm has a good reputation before you commit! If you commit to a bad firm, it’s extremely difficult to move your case to a more reputable one.

What advice do you have for consumers already under debt review?

Keep it up! It’s so great when people take the necessary steps to free themselves from debt.

Also, never skip payments! Always contact your Debt Counsellor if you have any questions, queries or encounter payment difficulties. Your Debt Counsellor is there to assist you with the correct advice from the start of your debt counselling journey through to the end.


Neil Roets

Debt Rescue

NeilHow long have you been a DC?

I was registered in 2008.

What did you do before becoming a DC?

I was a practising Attorney. I completed my articles with a law firm that did legal work for several major banks, before opening my own practice.

Why did you become a DC?

I was fascinated by the new legislation, the National Credit Act of 2005. I have always enjoyed working with people and envisaged that finding solutions for over-indebted consumers would be ideal. As an attorney, I had encountered many people and businesses who were faced with financial hardships, and seeking legal assistance to prevent the loss of their hard earned valuables.  With the inception of the NCA, a solution was provided to combat over-indebtedness and therewith the ultimate consumer protection in a time where the world’s economies were facing financial meltdown. I have always been an activist for consumer rights and I found this new legislation to be a platform empowering consumers, not only with information but also their basic rights. As Debt Counselling is essentially a legal process, and being driven by my passion for consumer rights and law, the transition was not only a natural one, but it was coupled with the enthusiasm of being a pioneer and the burning desire to be a champion of the new legislation.

What area (of SA) do you practice in?

Our offices are in Kempton Park, Gauteng but we have a national footprint. We are able to assist consumers anywhere in South Africa.

What makes your business a success?

debt rescue logo webWe offer a wide variety of solutions to over-indebted consumers, thereby assisting them in a holistic manner. We also have a multicultural team, who can engage with consumers in their preferred language, thus making the process, and comprehension thereof, a lot easier. Consumers do not always have the luxury of time in this fast-paced era, and we are there to assist them in making their life and the process easier, in a way that is more convenient to them.

I have always believed in the process and principles of debt counselling, since I started. The industry has been through peaks and valleys, as any new, untested industry would be. We have had to be creative and innovative to remain in the game, in the interest of providing the best solutions and protection for our customers. Also, we have had to stay abreast of all the frequent changes in this industry, and move on from the times where it was perceived as ‘credit provider vs debt counsellor’, to always remembering that there is often a mutual customer who is often a good consumer going through a difficult time.

Lastly, the team of hard workers in the office… We currently have over 100 dedicated staff members, who are passionate about their work and helping our customers. The diverse background of the team allows for us to assist almost any consumer who approaches us for help. The team’s background includes other registered Debt Counsellors, legal eagles, ex-bankers, accountants, IT specialists, and service-oriented staff members who will go out of their way to find solutions for our customers. We measure our human resources as an immensely valuable asset.

All of the above has led to Debt Rescue becoming a leader in the field.

How did it feel to be nominated for an award in last years Debt Review Awards?

It came as a total surprise to us and yet as a huge honour, as it was recognising the role that we have played in the industry. The Awards are a great initiative providing a platform which gives recognition of the hard work by all the stakeholders that have shaped the industry into what it is today.

Where do you find new business?

 Through various channels, which includes marketing, employee wellness, consumer education, and last but most importantly, word of mouth from our existing clients.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?

We have noticed that the industry has been experiencing an increase in the number of consumers applying for debt review, but we are starting to see an increase in number in consumers who experience even further financial hardship subsequent to applying for debt review. These factors, which include spousal retrenchment and other economic circumstances, are leading to consumers struggling to meet the already reduced debt review instalments.

What is the biggest challenge facing your clients at the moment?

The ever-increasing cost of living continues to place further strain on our customers’ already stringent budgets they are living on, with various factors that they have no control over. This includes the obvious such as the ever-increasing high cost of living, fuel and transport cost increases, unforeseen medical expenses, annual insurance and medical aid escalations, electricity hikes and inflation, none of which are being matched by salary increases.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?

Always make your debt counsellor your first point of contact, should you have any questions, queries or encounter any problems. Be knowledgeable about your own debt review application and be pro-active in getting information and tracking the progress through the months and years. Last, but not least, be committed to the process. It is not a drive-thru process, or a quick-fix solution, but a medium-to long-term plan to pay off your debt. The debt counsellor and consumer have a common goal on seeing a client becoming financially emancipated.

0861 800 009




DC Picture

How long have you been a DC?

I have been in operation since 2009.

What did you do before becoming a DC?

I use to be the national sales admin manager at Barloworld. Thereafter we moved to KZN and opened ARMANI DAY SPA. I did the debt counselling course while in KZN and later when we moved back to Johannesburg, I became a  full time Debt Counsellor.


Why did you become a DC?

The truth!!! One of my husband’s best friends became a Debt Counsellor and he told my hubby one day that his wife (me!) will be an  excellent Debt Counsellor. My hubby laughed and made a big joke saying that his wife can’t even balance her own budget – let alone anybody else’s. Well-well! Game on!!! I became a Debt Counsellor, learned everything to know about budgeting and love every minute of it!

What area (of SA) do you practice in?

We have a small business operating in Benoni – East Rand – Gauteng

What makes your business a success?

We have a passion for people and I have been there once myself. We treat each person with the necessary dignity and respect and set their mind at ease the minute they walk through our doors. We have no issue to travel to the client if they battle with transport. We often even do a consultation with a client at a local coffee shop.

Where do you find new business?

We have tried everything! (Mail-shots, online marketing, flyers, newspaper, doctor’s room and gym TV ads, and Facebook). Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth from our other happy clients.


Who are your most co-operative and least cooperative credit provider at the moment? 

Most co-operative: the Easton Berry Group and  least co-operative, without fail, ABSA!!!!


What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?

Credit providers are not lenient enough. The debt review process is tricky, especially when  we redo proposals. We might have sent a proposal to a credit provider, which they accepted but if we have to redo a proposal at a later stage due to changed circumstances we can often not get that exact amount distributed to the creditors again. There might only be a slight difference (in most scenarios we pay more than what was originally allocated), but  they still terminate. We also have issues with the NCR not responding quick enough if we lodged a formal complaint against a credit provider which often leads to unnecessary terminations and upset clients.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?

Debt Counsellors that abuse the system. The  consumer looses faith in the system due  to stories they hear about DC’s not acting  according to the NCA. Those of us that are really trying to make a living out of this, battle to get the consumers to have faith in us and  the process again!

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?

Please pay every month. The credit providers  are getting stricter by the day and rightly terminate if no payments are made. The consumer must remember that they cannot default on payment whilst under debt review, and should they for whatever reason are unable to pay for a month, that payment must be made up soon thereafter.


Armani logo

Tel: 011 849 3654 / 7659






Alan Manshon

Quinton and Alan









The Money Clinic
021 782 4351

Alan we always see you at any hearings the DTI hold or workshops that the NCR are hosting and we enjoy listening to your radio show on the Taxi each week. It is great to see Debt Counsellors getting involved in spreading the word about responsible ways to handle debt. We have a few questions for you about your business.


How long have you been a practicing DC?
Since 2008

What did you do before becoming a DC?
I was a banker for 16 years

What area (of SA) do you practice in?
Cape Town (Southern Suburbs & Deep South)

Do you have a small/med/large DC company?
Small but we prefer the term: ‘boutique’

Some DCs are saying that business is slow, where do you find new business?
Word of mouth is our strongest marketing tool but we are also quite active on social media as well as a local community radio station which sometimes also affords us local TV exposure.

What do you think makes your business successful?

I enjoy finding solutions to problems. Because we’re small and limit the number of cases we take on, we’re able to give extreme levels of attention to each matter.

Who are your most co-operative and least cooperative credit provider at the moment?
This constantly changes but at the moment Consumer Friend is the most co-operative and ABSA and Direct Axis and Edcon would win the joint prize for least co-operative.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?
Getting credit providers to respond to requests for additional information and the lack of co-operation regarding reckless credit assessments.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?
Credit provider incompetence which results in undue distress for consumers. For example credit providers terminating debt review because they have seemingly misplaced the granted debt review court orders.

What advice do you give to consumers who are currently under debt review?
Debt review is merely the first step to regaining your financial independence. Do not sit back and wait for your debt to be paid up. Nothing prevents you from settling your debt faster if your financial situation improves.

You can listen to Alans show each Wednesday here:
Check out the stations show line up here:
Or check Alan’s facebook page for more details

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Darran Manikam


Darran Manikam









Inkosinathi Debt Counselling Services
031 301 4810

How long have you been a DC?
I was registered at the end of 2008 and started to practice in 2009.

What did you do before becoming a DC?
I was a Conveyancing Paralegal at Livingston Leandy Incorporated – a group of Attorneys based in Umhlanga, Durban.

What area (of SA ) do you practice in?
Kwa-Zulu Natal, Based in Central Durban

Do you have a small/med/large DC company?
I would say it is a Medium Practice, compromising of 7 staff members and 2 Debt Counsellors

What makes your business a success?
A vast knowledge of the Act and the ability to use the Act to better assist our clients. Our strong administration team and excellent staff make the work load easier and the process smoother. Our knowledgeable group of
attorneys that assist with the court work and their willingness for our offices to pick at them when we need any advice or direction. Our willingness to assist the client even in some cases beyond our fee. We also have an excellent communication stream with our clients. Every staff member is adequately equipped to assist any client who walks into the office.

Where do you find new business?
We do a bit of advertising in your local papers. However the vast influx of work would be via “Word of mouth”. Many of my current clients refer work to our offices. I also have a great network of attorneys and companies that refer work to my offices.

Who are your most co-operative and least cooperative credit provider at the moment?
In general, the smaller loan institutes and your mirco-lenders to some degree will never really accept the Debt Counselling process. I personally believe their co-operation to much extent is minimal and is only driven by the need to comply with the NCA. With respect to the bigger guys, African Bank has really come to the party, except assisting our clients with Debit Orders (a tedious process) . Standard Bank, First National Bank, Capitec and Nedbank are also trying to make the process work. ABSA on the other hand is by far the WORST managed debt review processing centre, they are extremely difficult to work with. The chain of command in my opinion is not even clear, within the bank.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?
Access to information about debt counselling and Debt Counsellors. The negative picture that the creditors paint about the debt counselling process is what drives the client to the point of an impaired credit profile. Consumers are afraid of accessing this process due to the negativity related to Debt Counselling which is unfounded.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?
Constantly check up with your Debt Counsellor. Try to budget monthly and live within your means. Always use the extra money that you might have to settle your debt faster. Even though it might be extremely difficult, try to save at least a minimal amount monthly.


Romie Govender

Romie Govender

Finesse Debt Counsellors
031 209 2356

How long have you been helping people with debt?
I have done “debt counselling”, insofar as that constitutes guiding people in how to use their monetary resources wisely, on a non-remunerative basis, long before it became a formal profession. Following the advent of the NCA, I was also registered with the National Credit Regulator as a Debt Counsellor.

What did you do before becoming a DC?
I was a Consumer Portfolio Manager with a major financial institution, “consumer”, in this sense, referring to accounts for private individuals, rather than businesses. Prior to the promulgation of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, my role entailed assessing credit applications, approving credit and monitoring consumer accounts. However, post NCA, my role rapidly metamorphasized into that of ‘debt collecting’! I empathised deeply with my clients and identified the need for a life-line to help them out of their dire financial predicaments.

What area (of SA) do you practice in?
My office is in Morningside, Durban, but I serve the greater Kwazulu-Natal, including Pietermaritzburg and the outlying rural areas.

Do you have a small/med/large DC company?
I run a small practice, focusing on providing a personalised, quality service rather than on volumes. I spend the bulk of my time speaking to credit providers with a view to negotiation and the streamlining and standardisation processes. Although this obviously impacts on my time from an opportunity vs cost perspective, I believe that the long term benefit to the debt counselling industry will justify my sacrifices.

What makes your business a success?
I believe I have found my ‘purpose in life’ – enabling consumers to break free of financial bondage. I am persistent during the negotiation process and I fight for my clients whilst simultaneously ensuring that they honour their commitments. When I worked in the bank, my duty was to protect the bank, but now that I am a debt counsellor, my duty is to assist the client/consumer to fulfil his or her financial obligations whilst protecting his or her right to a reasonable standard of living.

Where do you find new business?
I have invested in some online advertising. However, most of my new business comes via referrals from satisfied clients. So, “word of mouth” is a prime driver of new business for me. That is why quality service and unquestionable integrity are the very foundations on which Finesse is built.

Who are your most co-operative and least co-operative credit provider at the moment?
All credit providers have their positives and their negatives. It is, however, a relief to note that some credit providers are now actually not as antagonistic and some are even co-operating in the debt review process. Of the big four banks, FNB and Standard Bank appear most willing to endeavour to utilise the debt review process for collection of their debts even in instances where the Section 129 letters had been sent out. However, the fact that FNB periodically change their account numbers has become an administrative nightmare. Aside from Nedbank’s tedious debit order cancellation process and their money-grabbing tendencies, they too are quite cooperative. ABSA Bank is by far the most unco-operative – they are extremely dogmatic and there is a huge divide between their various product houses. Capitec Bank just does not seem to be coping, especially in their proposals department.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?
The lack of consumer education and lack of standardised processes amongst credit providers are the biggest challenges facing the debt counselling process, in my opinion.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?
The biggest challenge is being able to pay their fees. Credit providers are fully aware that in terms of the debt review process, debt counselling and legal fees are paid during the first two months, yet most credit providers continue to process debit orders leaving the consumer with no money to pay their fees, thus de-railing the process.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?
Firstly, always stick to your budget and honour the repayment arrangement. Secondly, always be transparent with your debt counsellor and keep the communication line with your debt counsellor open at all times. Remember, debt review is a long term commitment which requires discipline.

Debt Finesse






Adv. Ardiel Thenissen

Ardiel Thenissen



Credit Matters
021 431 9100

What did you do before becoming a Debt Counsellor?
I am an admitted and practicing advocate of the High Court. I have been practicing law since 1996 and became a Debt Counsellor in July 2007

What area (of SA) do you practice in?
Although our Head Office is situated in Cape Town CBD, Credit Matters offers our services to the broader South African public. We have three registered debt counsellors and our support staff attended debt counselling courses as well. We also have a number of paralegals working for us.

What would you say makes your business a success?
We focus on providing a good customer experience. We believe in team work and our internal processes were developed with this end result in mind i.e. liberating our clients from the debt burden. Our staff were trained in dealing with complex issues and we work closely with our attorneys to ensure that they know what it is that we want, and we know what it is that they require in order to take a matter successfully through the legal process.

Where do you find new business?
Because of the good service we provide to our clients, they then spread the word and bring in referral business. We also aim to educate the public by using various forums such as tv programs and our internet web site.

Who are your most co-operative and least co-operative credit provider at the moment?
Consumer Friend, though not a credit provider themselves, are always ready to help. It is not always easy to get answers from ABSA bank.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?
The constant change in processes and/or the interpretation of the law. Courts insisting that it cannot change interest rates especially in instances where the credit providers have agreed in writing to a change in interest rates.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?
Reconciling outstanding balances with a projected payment plan that was made an order of court. Consumers does not understand that the systems used by debt counsellors and those used by credit providers differ and that the calculation methods may as a result of this also differ and often dispute outstanding balances.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?
Ensure that you make regular monthly payments and increase it whenever you can. Check your statements regularly and discuss any discrepancies/changes with your debt counsellor immediately.

Credit Matters Logo web





Johnny Lubbe

Johnny Photo









Independent Debt Counsellors
0861 733 863

What did you do before becoming a DC?
Before that I was a Bond Originator.

What area (of SA) do you practice in?
We operate nationally.

What size practice do you run?
We have well over 1000 clients at the moment.

What makes your business a success?
We try to focus on effective marketing (particularly online) and a have a strong administrative back-up team to assist our clients.

Where do you find new business?
We market mainly on the internet. This has proved to be fruitful for us.

Who are your most co-operative and least co-operative credit provider at the moment?
Though it changes over time at the moment the most co-operative is Nedbank and the least co-operative is Absa.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?
Obtaining the court orders to protect our clients is still proving to be difficult in some areas. Some courts take a very long time and some creditors still oppose unnecessarily. This delays the process and can at times leave the consumer exposed and create extra work for us.

What is the biggest challenge facing consumers at the moment?
All consumers find it hard to have the discipline to create a budget or to stick to the budget we help them create. Then there is the ongoing challenge for all troubled consumers to stop applying for easily obtainable cash loans and unsecured credit and rather to look for professional help.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?
They should use the opportunity (of being under debt review) to regain control over debt as well as their personal lives. If they do so they will never fall into the debt trap again because they will have learned how to implement a strict budget plan for all their personal expenses.





Jacqueline Coetzee

Jacqueline Coetzee











Debt Inc
022 713 2021

Why did you become a DC?
After a year with Debt Inc I came to love the process and wanted to learn more about the NCA and Debt Inc gave me the opportunity to do the Debt Counsellor course. Today, debt counselling for me is not only a job but a passion, and being able to do this every day and enjoy it doesn’t make it work, thanks to Debt Inc.

What area (of SA) do you practice in?
Our Head office is in the beautiful West Coast of Vredenburg. We have offices in Pretoria, Malmesbury, Mosslbay & Worcester. Our client base is nationwide and although we don’t have offices in every town, our business model if of such a calibre that we can service clients all over the country and successfully place clients under debt review and assist them in getting rehabilitated.

What makes your business a success?
We have well trained, passionate staff that do not only see the applicant as a file, but as a real person and attend to these applications with professionalism, integrity with the client’s best interest at heart. Our success is also based on the fact that we have built great relationships with the credit providers and learned not to see them as the “enemy” but as a partner in this process. As a member of DCASA we actively participate in meetings and keep up to date with all relevant changes and progress in the industry which in turn makes us capable to inform our clients and assist them accordingly.

Where do you find new business?
Via word of mouth, Debt Inc website, referrals from clients /credit providers /Other Debt Counselling firms and contracts with employer groups.

Who are your most co-operative and least co-operative credit provider at the moment?
Most co-operative are Consumer Friend, Nedbank and FNB. Least co-operative credit providers are Absa and Standard Bank.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?
Demands for review of already granted court orders from creditors. In many cases, due to the increase in living costs consumers do not enough money to increase the monthly rehabilitation amount. Legally creditors cannot proceed with legal action, but clients are harassed and threaten and clients expect the DC to sort the problem out.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?
Keep the faith, pay your monthly rehabilitation amount diligently and when you have extra money available, settle smaller accounts. Always remember debt review is an awesome and noble trade, but consumers have to take the matter serious and push through this process, even when it gets rough.


Martin Snyman




How long have you been a DC?

I was registered in February 2010.

What did you do before becoming a DC?

I started my career as an accountant, joined the credit industry in 1995, and was a credit manager at corporate microlending between 1999 and 03. I had my own debt collection business between 2003 and 09 and then joined the debt counselling industry in 2010.

Tell us about Your Practice

Our practice originally began with 5 registered DCs and an admin support staff complement of 24. We operate country-wide taking the opportunity to help consumers from across every province.

Over the years, our office set-up has changed (like during the pandemic) and I have worked closely with many great people under a few brands. Recently our efforts were recognised in the annual Debt Review Awards and we pride ourselves in being a very consumer focused practice.

What do you feel makes your business a success?

The consumer is at the heart of it all.

Too many shortcuts and too much administrative garbage exist in the industry that is not part of the NCA and often the consumer is often overlooked in among all the work and politics. We intentionally put the consumer at the fore and assist them within the ambits of the NCA and other available legislation.

‘The consumer is at the heart of it all’

Too many DC’s are only focusing on the debt review process and forget that there is also a debt counselling process, where the DC can assist the consumer to change their behaviour to take responsibility for finances and control their spending.

Where & how do you find new clients?

Social marketing is a big contributor to our success. Personal contact with consumers is vitally important to establish trust. We, therefore, arrange and attend financial literacy and wellness workshops to support all consumers and not only those who are financially distressed. Word of mouth about our good service plays a big part in bringing in new clients.

What is the biggest challenge facing Debt Counsellors at the moment?

Cooperation in the industry.

DC’s have to speak with one voice. For too long the industry was represented by a select few and the voice of the bulk of DC’s was not heard. If the different factions in the debt counsellors industry, ie DCASA, AllProDC, NDCA and BDCF can manage to meet eye to eye on industry challenges, the operational challenges can be addressed unanimously at the Credit Industry Forum.

What is the biggest challenge facing your consumers at the moment?

Abuse by credit providers who are obstructing the purpose of the NCA.

Some credit providers continue with money grabbing, ignoring reasonable proposals, opposing debt review court applications on irrelevant technical aspects, rescinding debt review court orders on technical aspects and by doing so, disrespecting the cooperation of a paying and loyal consumer.

Over time the challenges have changed, of course, and we applaud credit providers who also put the consumer first and make a plan to help them. That’s what debt review is all about.

What advice do you have for consumers under debt review?

Hang in there!

Debt review is a process that was developed and enacted to offer debt relief. The fact that the road is tough at first must not discourage consumers from keeping up with their new payment arrangements.

Want To Chat To Martin?

If you would like to talk to Martin and get advice about your debt situation then you can contact him here:

Tel: 079 549 7283

Tel: 087 655 0510